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  1. Was hoping to find a price that I was happy with, but would be fair for a member. Related news, I have some of these up on eBay now, so feel free to make a move on any items you want haha!
  2. Don't make me list these on eBay! Would much rather have members here add them to their collections!
  3. Kills me to see some of these birds go but clearing out space in my cases, so I have a few Valks for sale! Plus some other non-Macross toys! I have: Yamato 1/60 VT-1 Super Ostrich v2 - In perfect condition. No issues with shoulder joints, no crack in rainbow canopy, un-applied decal sheet, box in great shape, with all extra pieces. Displayed in a glass case and transformed to Battroid once. $400 *SOLD* Bandai Chogokin DX 1/60 VF-27 Brera v1 - Toy is like new, but box has a tear. $100 Bandai Chogokin DX 1/60 VF-25 Luca w/armour parts + stand v1 - Toy is like new, but box isn't the best. $100 Yamato 1/60 Queadluun Rau Millia - Toy is great, with minimal flop (will easily stand on it's own), and box is in good shape $100 Toynami Masterpiece 1/60 Maia Alpha fighter - Never transformed to Battroid, box is in great shape. $100 Non-Macross: Hot Toys 1/6 Iron Man mk. 42 - In perfect shape, box has a slightly crumbled corned from a clumsy shipper. batteries never installed. $320 Sideshow 1/6 Clone Commander Wolffe SS exclusive (printed stand) - In amazing condition, box has a small tear near the fold. $175 All prices include shipping to Canada/USA. International buyers are welcome as well, but will determine shipping in PMs. Buyer please include PayPal fees, or mark as gift. As always, open to reasonable offers! Thanks!
  4. Because they are made from Brass. You'll need to prime and paint them to match.
  5. I'm torn between pre-ordering a VB-6 or ordering a 1/60 (or maybe a 1/48) VF-1J. I'm pretty new to macross figures, so what would you folks do? If I didn't just sign a 4 year loan on a car today I'd just get both haha, looks like my days of reckless spending are over!
  6. If Takara were to make some valks with the same detail and care of their Alternity line, I'd be hard pressed not to pick them up...I am very impressed by my Alternity Megatron engineering wise. A very detailed interior of the car, rubber tires, reflective mirrors, engine detail (however minor lol), and nice use of diecast. All in a 1/32 scale compared to Binaltech/Alternators 1/24 scale, which makes for a killer toy, and the best TF line out there imo. I'll probably stick the the regular release of the Monster from Bandai simply because it comes with a Ranka Monster girl stick if i choose to put it on (unlikely though)
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