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  1. Hi, does anyone know where this part belongs to? It dropped out of my VF-171 main body while transforming. *unable to edit on mobile photobucket app. will reduce the size when I reach home... Also, sadly the black hinge on my VF-171 broke without much strength applied to it. Is it possible to ship just the damage part back? (Kinda dumb to shipped back a whole piece when only 1 small part broke)
  2. The previous owner broke it. I only realise it after I bought it.
  3. erm, is there any way I can get replacement parts for Yamato SV-51 Gamma Ivanov Type? My two front canards broke and it has been bugging me (distinct feature in plane mode). Bought some time ago and was not able to get replacement parts for it.
  4. Hi, was wondering if you gotten my pm about getting the Marvel Universe stuff.
  5. My order of VF-22S Milia came soon after sending payment. Only problem is that the right thigh has a crack when I opened to check the joints and QC.
  6. Erm, anyone mind digging out the pics or thread for the GN-U Dou YF-19? Have gotten a weathered version and would like some references to improve the visor. Can't find it using the search.. I saw it some months ago though..
  7. I bought a first release VF-0S from mwf member, moose. No locking feet mechanism but it's still great. No exploding shoulders or even a stress mark. My DYRL VF-1S Roy with Super/strike and the rest of my V2 do not have any problems with shoulder hinge. Only yammie crap I found was the 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru 2nd release, both hip intake cracked and some parts of it broke while I was bringing down the legs. I've glued it back, transformed again recently to have it's right hip intake broke into 2 again. More patients and super glue fixed the leg for now.. (It's in Urban Camo GBP now)
  8. Can't resist and finally gotten a Max VF-22S. Been holding back since October.. Should be a heavy month as my PO SDF-1 is coming soon..
  9. Thanks for the extensive review, Graham. Will be looking forward for it to arrive on january!
  10. There's a toy shop at in's level 1(think it's called Galaxy gokin, near the escalator) selling cheap valk. Opposite ctma, there's a shop at lvl 2 selling a very cheap v2 vf-1a hikaru ichijo(galaxy ship in chinese)
  11. I got the unsightly gap also. I've gotten my YF-19 DN on a overseas trip in hk. Anybody has a way to close in the gap?
  12. Wow, this is really nice. The colors compliment each other, the white outlines and white parts are a nice touch. Possible improvement to the outlook would more lighter details to stand out from the flat blue and grey. Great work nonetheless.
  13. Hi Graham, do hope that you can get it back in fighter mode properly. On mine, the leg armour refuse to clip on to the wing and it pops out easily.
  14. ryoshoko

    1/48 VF-1J Max

    It's a good price, as mentioned by many people. I got my 1/48 Super VF-1J M&M at around US$200. No problem with both valk in 3 modes. The plastic do feel abit cheaper than the ones used for V.2. 1/60. Do note that the stickers ain't exactly great as the clear boundaries will show up. *Btw be careful of the thighs or air intakes on the hips. My 1/48 VF-1S both thighs breaks upon bringing the legs down.
  15. Pre-order runs alittle under SG$500, only thing preventing me from ordering online is the tax on imported goods for value above SG$400. The tax sum is inclusive of the shipping charge too(wtf?).
  16. U-toys has the preorder. Still waiting for toyntoys to open the pre-order.
  17. oh.. I better check my VF-1S Roy Focker then.. Been in battloid mode holding his gunpod with both arms. Would really suck alot if it breaks, since it was handled with extra care. If it's fine, maybe I will apply superglue to the plastic hinge. Should not have any worries for the elintseeker and low vis 1S.
  18. I have 3 Version 2 Yamato VF-1,Super VF-1S Roy, Super VF-1J Hikaru,VE-1 Elintseeker. None of them have any issue, especially for 1s and 1J which are rumored to have. Also have a VF-1S Low Vis Roy with no problems too. It may be the way the valk is being handled that causes most broken shoulder issue, like handling it as a typical transformer toy? I lift up the whole shoulder joint assembly from the bottom to pass over the locking tab, seems to be preventing the joint from breakage from normal handling.
  19. +1 to M.Frostfor the WAVE SDF-1. arrived safely but box quite worn out during the shipping. Didn't realise it's really, really small but thanks again.
  20. Woah, this is so awesome words can't express the joy of seeing it. Chance of seeing this great piece of work being make by Yamato should be close to zero.. *edit: didn't realise the add-on is onto yamato GBP. add-on looks like a natural extension to the GBP.
  21. Thanks man, the Ironman arrive yesterday. Now my Hot toys Ironman collection is almost complete!
  22. Thanks to >EXO<. Gotten the Ironman Mark I and II yesterday. Thanks again
  23. A very late thanks to VF-1T for the Mark III. Sorry for the late response as my bro bought it and forget to add to the SS list. The item arrive in great condition. Props again to VF-1T
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