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  1. For real, the vita got all the games lol. For some obscures reasons.
  2. Everything i dislike now about Macross, the whole over the top silliness, pretty much started with Macross 7 and man, Frontier and Delta sure followed that path lol. In its own way it is indeed a crucial part in Macross history cause it gave the franchise a new tone. Not one obviously i enjoy but hey, maybe that's precisely what some people love now about Macross so maybe it was for the best, i don't know. Macross Plus and Zero though were different in that aspect so it's interesting to note that they did try different flavors and that's something commendable.
  3. What a disappointment that was. The cards thing is really just the top of the iceberg, half the time it was impossible for me to just play the darn thing thanks to that freaking Unity piece of crap. The team working on that game was just not up to the task. There was potential but here you go...
  4. Speaking of, i watched it recently. (original version) And honestly i found it to be quite a decent show. The only real problems are the music, who's terrible, and the poor use they make sometimes of humor, often killing the mood of some moments who are supposed to be intense. Like when they rescue Bowie for example, Jeanne talking like a dumbass and winking in the silliest way and at the silliest moments don't exactly help taking the situation seriously. I'm all for humor, but the timing is important. But the rest is not bad at all. Even the designs of vehicles and stuff, i like it fine. The spartas is a pretty cool tank, most of the Zor stuff is good and even the personal armors, the only questionable thing about that is sometimes the helmet. Well, Jeanne's helmet is really over the top but the others are cool enough. It's no Macross and it certainly never reach the quality of a Zeta Gundam but it's watchable. But it totally could be remade into something great. You add some decent music, you tune down the silly, you edit a bit some designs and you have yourself a quite interesting alien invasion story with good characters. And the end is great, love sometimes a no happy ending.
  5. Good ol' Hikaru. I kind of like in Macross that you can tell that Hikaru was a civilian just some weeks or months ago depending the moment you watch the show. The way he talks, he acts, he responds to his officers, that's not your typical military stuff and it makes a cool dynamic. Plus, considering the situation he's in, he's freaking open to alternative solutions to end the conflict and about the attitude to have towards the zentradis. He's not a dog of war, an extremist but do have a good sens of duty. He's a good pilot but he's no Max. That's a balanced character, virtues and flaws, and actually ends up as a deeper character that you could hope watching the view first episodes.
  6. What? They tried to bring new fans and make some money out of their franchise instead of just pleasing some always whining so called fans and working for free? Shame on them, shame on them!! How dare they having a realistic approach on this?
  7. I finally played enough of this game to give my humble opinion on it. I'm kind of conflicted here. It's all kind of awesome at times but most of it is painfully repetitive. Fights are fun and it's always a joy to have the opportunity to play Valks in a video game but this open world thing with dungeons (what a weird concept for a macross game) didn't suit me very well. Ah well, can't really hate a game with such an awesome soundtrack.
  8. Yeah, first day of my vacation AND da doctor Who is back. Is that 23th of august doing to be sweet or what ?
  9. It certainly is, that stuff is glorious. I bought the Mk.2 Titans colors version some time ago and i was amazed by how sharp this thing looks. I'm not a big fan of the PG anyway. Too expensive for a level of quality who's not always all that high and as the young and innocent maid says during her wedding night : "that's too big, dude".
  10. Watched recently the 49 episodes of Gundam Age and quite honestly i didn't find it to be bad at all. Nothing superb, nothing awful, just a decent enough piece of enternaiment. I actually enjoyed it more than say, the second season of "00" for example or again Seed or Seed Destiny.
  11. Expect that the girl lives in paris now we sure didn't learn one damn thing with that vid lol.
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