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  1. 7 minutes ago, BlueMax said:

    Also, I see the GBP-1S, in standard colors and in Roy's colors or what what looks like yellow instead of red. Also, the one at the far left seems to be housing what looks like a Max 1J underneath



  2. complete translation

    The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross F, Macross ΔDX Chogokin & LIVE Information Zentradi Prime Special!
    6th (Fri) 20: 00- MC: Yuichi Hatanaka Guest: Minori Suzuki, Nozomi Nishida
    Information on "DX Chogokin VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker Special" just before the release and now
    We will deliver information on "DX Chogokin VF-1D Valkyrie" which will be exhibited for the first time. Also, "Mc
    Introducing information on the live performance of "Loss F" and the new movie version of "Macross Delta".



  3. 3 hours ago, Lolicon said:

    未開封 (unopened) is circled underneath so it's the same as brand new. 

    Wow, eagle´s eyes. I did not see that!!! so small Kanji, so true still unopened. just checked first kanji used in 未だ mada=still, second kanji 開ける akeru= to open, third kanji 封 fuu=seal. am I right? I am a student of Japanese.

    what I do not understand is why they write second hand and then in small unopened.

  4. 19 hours ago, gabuyan said:

    Hi guys, making a report from Akihabara. Strike Packs are sold out everywhere. Visited 15 different stores over 2 days and basically I only saw one set and it was going at almost 2x the retail price... which is now gone.

    VF-1 prices are crazy too, with VF-S going for 28 to 35k yen, and VF-1J starting from 30k. 

    I can only say that Akibahara is now more of a tourist trap when it comes to certain products. Maybe this is their defense against scalpers.


    Yes, Akihabara is a tourist trap, I was there in 2015!! be carefull with your wallet!! and I forgot to mention, that is a second hand item. Is very clear writen in Japanese (foreigners wont know) is below the price. look for this 中古品 (second hands goods!!)

  5. 4 hours ago, sh9000 said:


    Why is there a hole in the nose? hope mine does not come with that. is the one in the picture a battle damage version or what??

  6. 2 hours ago, Kuma Style said:

    Mucking around and shooting while the review video processes and I have to say I really slept on the Hi-Metal R. I've had it for some time now and this is the first time I've honestly gotten to look at and play with it and it's a pretty damned nice piece in its own right. I honestly love the aesthetic of it.


    thanks to the lighting in This image reveals to me once again modeling mistakes on the leg design. practically the same as the old yamie 1/48. I consider after checking my 1/60 yamie V2 that is the only one with the right leg design.

  7. ya las publique en el Marketplace de FB. mientras tanto para continuar con el aburrido periodo entre series o mas bien secuelas, ese es el volante o folleto que me habian dado en la entrada de tamashi nations en noviembre de 2015 promoviendo el nuevo show. en el reservo tenia publicidad con los nuevos modelos que estaban saliendo de los hi-metal R.

    por las imagenes crei que el show se centraria nuevamente en batalla entre Meltrandi contra Zentradis pero con valkirias. crei que ese grupo de chicas aparte de cantar realmente pilotearian esas vlakirias. esa fue la impresion que me habia dado ese volante. nada que ver con lo que realmente fue el show. aun conservo el volante como recordatorio de no hacerme mas ilusiones con macross.


  8. Ahora que tocas el tema Sheryl. tengo un par de figuras de sheryl que estoy por poner a la venta. en que seccion conviene ponerlo. sale and trade no me conviene ya que no pienso hacer envios. quiero venderlas localmente nada mas ah tambien una ranka. no se en que parte de la seccion en español ponerlas

    sera que Mikimoto ya no quiere formar parte de las secuelas ??. En Delta el diseño de personajes fue realizado por otros diseñadores. ya investigue y efectivamente gente que ni conocia. el unico conocido ahi...Kawamori el resto outsiders por decirlo de algun modo que talvez nunca en su vida vieron el primer Macross.

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