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  1. I hope it wouldn't be anything like their 1/72 model kit.
  2. Thanks mates. I'm loving the feel of this toy. I transform mine with care. Relishing every step. Yet, the usual issue with the hand swivel connections occurred. Nothing glue can't handle. No biggie. Anyways. I just noticed, there were no plastic wraps for the tires on the copy that I got. Though the wing lights, wing tips, nose cone top part and bottom of the toy had plastic packaging material when I 1st took it out of the tray.
  3. Thanks guys. I got the S I thought there were qc or bq issues on the S that's why it was selling for less. Wings are so thin. And those pointy edges. I stressed one already. Anyway, it's hardly noticeable. Now I'm thinking of getting a yf-29 or a renewal vf-25.
  4. Hi guys. Which is the better product by yamato. The 19S of the 19F. I want to buy the 19S since it's discounted. Why is is dollars apart from the 19F nowadays. Cheers.
  5. So expensive. As long as it's all new, I'm In
  6. wewe


    Ouch. I will look out for this. Mine got busted again. Anyways. worked in the old fix. Now it's even better... than the old fix. 3rd pic shows the yellow line of depression. Damn you oxidation!
  7. Congratulations to those who got them in great condition. I'll just wait on my local retailer. Both HLJ and Amiami burned me with defective/seemingly used valks before.
  8. http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/thread-222403-1-1.html There's a transformation to Batroid pictorial here. Just scroll down. So nice that the top intake becomes butt flaps unlike that of the original.
  9. http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/thread-222403-1-1.html I'm liking what I see. I will get this. The transformation is sweet. I must have it.
  10. I don't just plan on licking it.... I do not understand what this means. I'm still excited.
  11. I did not know that. I'm on board. I hope this toy uses lead free paint
  12. I would buy this if it would be an all new mold. I like the new cockpit though
  13. Very tempting since I do not have Yamato's Nightmare yet. It looks so sharp and computer model accurate and modern and well planed out.
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