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  1. Anubis20 and W8kbrder both paid for their valks quickly. Thanks for the easy transactions guys!
  2. Prices reduced again! Anybody interested in a YF-21 at all?
  3. Update: Price drop on YF-21 (now $300) and YF-19 (now $125). Please PM if you have a reasonable offer.
  4. Oh, guess you did get it, then, eh? It's been a long time since I last transformed this thing, but I thought I remembered that part of the heat shield staying up on this particular model once snapped in place. Did you try yanking harder as suggested earlier in the thread? But yeah there was a reason I kept it stored with the heat shield deployed. Plus, I kind of like the look of the fighter mode with heat shield deployed (especially on this valk).
  5. Nope, I never owned one.
  6. VF-11B sold, VE-1 pending. YF-19 and YF-21 prices REDUCED
  7. My hobbies have gone away from collecting, so I thought I would let some other people get more enjoyment out of my valks. I live near Pittsburgh, PA and prefer payment via Paypal (buyer pays any fees). YF-21 asking price $250! YF-19 asking price $100! Pictures: Yamato 1/60 VF-11B with fast pack: $300 plus cost of shipping SOLD I actually purchased the 19 and 21 off of people on this forum years ago so I can't really say how much or little they were transformed but, personally, I only transformed them once or twice. They are still in good shape, although the 19 is a little loose as is typical of this release/model. A few more photos available here: http://s162.photobucket.com/user/jwasko1988/library/Macross%20For%20Sale If you are an interested buyer and require additional pictures, please ask. If you want to buy 2 or more Valks, we can discuss a price break.
  8. Well I definitly see a hand on the inside of Vortex's left leg. Also, Blast Off looks awesome but I'm not crazy about Vortex's coloration. Edit: Got beat on the hand spotting
  9. *Facepalm* We went through this with MP Hot Rod, too Come on, Mike, don't be so anti-social. You know you want that gorgeous piece of red-ish plastic. (I was not a fan of their color choice after seeing him in person) PS The Marshalls in Monroeville has never had much in the way of Generations/RTS so I'm not sure you'll have much luck by Sams Club. I got an MP Skywarp at that TJ Maxx a year ago though
  10. Try the Marshalls (or is it TJ Maxx?) behind Westmoreland mall. They had 3 Perceptors less than a week ago. I've never seen a single Junkion at retail, but managed to get a Wreck-gar and Junkheap at decent prices in the aftermarket (and wouldn't mind getting a few more of either) I'd like a PCC Heavytread, too, while I'm at it. KOToys.com perhaps?
  11. Just in case your current deal falls through, I too am interested in the Fired Missiles Effect GBP-1S
  12. Xx-SKULL-ONE-xX sent me an SV-51 Nora in good condition. He provided fast responses, the packing was sufficient, and I would deal with him again.
  13. I don't know why everyone needs a reason why the clones "betrayed" the Jedi. There's a reason why Order 66 was simply referred to as Order 66: they had known what it was since early on in their training, when they were given a list of potential "worst case scenario" orders. I can't particularly recall for sure, but I believe it was Rex who said that the clones were serving a greater cause: to serve and defend the Republic. They weren't bred to serve the Jedi. In fact, Order 66 specifies that the Jedi needed to be executed because they are traitors/a threat to the Republic to which they were made to be loyal. There are some clones whose personal loyalties made them hesitate or even refuse to execute their commanders, but not all Jedi were as friendly and respectful toward them as Anakin (see: Krell). Also, some clones (like Dogma in these episodes) are more likely to obey orders without hesitation, over personal loyalties to their Jedi commanders and even fellow clones.
  14. Only until he finds someone selling a $10 transformer that he just has to have for $100
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