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  1. how did you attach those weapon pylon ? :| did the yf 24 have a hole attachment?

    Ever wondered what our Naked DXes would look like with missiles, like they do in Macross 30? I always wanted to do a mod since the VF-25 in canon doesn't have any internal missiles whatsoever.


    Luckily, I have an abundance of weapon parts and YF-25's so I gave it a shot.

    I figure you can use Kurisama's hardpoints for easier weapon swapping but I decided to just trim the pylons down, get a pin-vise and pin each set of missiles to the wing for a super secure connection.


  2. I think it's for holding onto capital ships have clampbars. Like the nu Gundam has little claws on the bottom of its feet to hold onto capital ships since there's no gravity. They show it for the Gundam on the instructions. These designs were contemporary so it's not uncommon for them to copy designs. Or for a grip to recoil of the cannon on top. Or for catapult off the run way? I'm not a guru.

    but there's none of it on regult wonder why?

  3. Nothing trollish in your comments at all. I think you're just asking a question that most of us have already asked at one point in time. And I think the answer is just because it's Harmony Gold.

    LOL... i think because it's toynami.. they never learn new trick :(

  4. thanks guys.. I will post the progress as soon as i can

    @chass.. basically i use the tv series as my reference for the building, but i'm planning to give it more detail like a store canopy. store sign and others.. for the kit i used an old imaii vf 1 d model kit, and the truck came from bandai 1:100 macross hangar , there will be a busted regault at the foreground.. and few lighting fx.. right now i'm still trying to create minmay figure.. it's to small for a 3d print.. :(

  5. i see.. nice tips.. i'll be sure to wait for another of your awesome work

    Hi back! Thanks for the kind words!

    i use games Workshop Citadel paints, though i mixed the yellow for he fighters myself.

    paint rub is tricky. On the fighters yiu see here, none of the parts i painted actually rub anything else really. Bits of the 19P head did. I use Nail polish on all my fighters (Even just the panel lining) which usually seals the line. It can occasionally backfire (My Prophecy got discolored on the white wing stripes) but mainly works well.

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