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  1. Still a fan regardles of selling everything I have, better times will come and I will have them again.....

  2. I Finally got down an pre-order the SP version at HLJ. Care to mention that in their description they say the SP will have an extra Cheryl sticker (like on the box) """" FROM HLJ DESCRIPTION PREORDER PAGE """""" The highly popular VB-6 Konig Monster from both Macross F television and movie anime is now being released by Bandai as a transformable toy! The sturdy die-cast joints allow it to transform between Shuttle, Gerwalk, and Destroid form with ease and maintain a large variety of poses. A display stand will also be included. The VB-6 will also come with two stickers for the nose art to mark it as your choice of tv or movie version. A must for any Macross fan and fans of cool mecha in general! This special edition will feature a Cheryl Nome sticker for the nose, a display stand based on the Island-1 from the Macross movie, Cheryl Nome decoration stickers, a mission card (which looks like Cheryl's black credit card), and a plastic sleeve cover for the package.
  3. Is this the Macross Quarter " MOVIE " version???????? http://www01.amiami.com/amiblo/2009/03/tam...tamashii_21.jpg
  4. I just got my DX Tornado and got the SWS version as well on the right side under wing, this sucks........ Is the first VALK that I get in almost eight years of my MACROSS hiatus........ I just simply loved, can wait to get my hands on the Luca and Michael customs, also want the armored Ozma and so..... I don't think I will be able to work enough overtime in a month to cover for all of them at once. Is there any communication from Bandai regarding a fix about this? Other than that I just love it, with al packs attached this thing is huge in comparison to the old 1/60 Yamatos VF-1's, or maybe it's just the new toy smell.... Anyways, is there going to be any help from Bandai on this?
  5. Is a miss or hit, Have a couple of friends that have one, and the joints are loose on one and the arms sag down on gerwalk mode, my other friends koenig the arm stay in place but the legs are pretty lose.
  6. I'm selling my copy of DYRL for the Playstation, it has the spine card and all 3 discs, no scratches, PM if interested.
  7. I'm looking for the VF-1J sticker sheet if you have any leftovers, please let me know....... Yes, that's the reason I decided to sale my old valks and get new ones with tampo printing, but just found out Im missing a sticker sheet for one of the VF-1J super valk I'm selling on ebay
  8. Hi Guys, I've been part of this forums from way back in the Nineties........ But I stop checking Macross World for about 7 years, now, I just recently reconnected, started by selling my old valks, and just got me a WAVE 1/5000 SDF-1. and hopefully some of the Macross Frontier valks as well. BUT, back in the day (2002-2003) I remember some members were selling the decals for the 1/60 yamatos, is there anyone still make them/sell them here in the forums. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I found the Macross Quarter for 12,432yen at AmiAmi. Can anyone tell me if is cheaper anywhere else?
  10. I try the link, is coming at 16,830 yen (15%OFF) about 185.62 USD I guess the sale is over. : (
  11. Any news about when is it going to be released? I would like to preorder one as soon as they become available.
  12. Please just let me know when can I ordered, this time I will not miss the VB-6 Monster no matter my budget
  13. Was able to find MAF it on eBay for $26.00 shipping inlcuded, man what a great game, one more reason on my list to hate Carl Maycek................ GRAHAM, please let me know...... I've been out of touch of Macross related things for at least 7 years, what is the latest version of Robotech-Macross Saga that I can find out there? Just got news that AD Vision when under a couple of years ago and I'm looking for at least that saga for my Kid to watch it, How I wish someone released in Blu-Ray
  14. Hi Everyone, Have a question been out of the site for a while (since 2005) and out of the Macross World since 2003, right when AnimEigo was doing the preorders for the Remastered Macross Saga I tought "thats too much money" and "pretty sure they will be released later cheaper". Well I fell off to work and buried myself playing videogames when had the time not even my Valkyries aren't in display anymore they are inside a plastic box in my garage, since my last move. Today at work a friend told me he was a fan of Robotech and take upon myself to let him know the truth about Macross and jut found out that ADV Films is gone and that they remastered series is going for even more than the Animeigo was almost 10 years ago. Please if anyone can put me up to date. Whats the best version available for the Macross Saga, in japanese with english subtitles that does not cost and arm and a leg (let them be on a boxset as well), Thanks ObiJ
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