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  1. Still a fan regardles of selling everything I have, better times will come and I will have them again.....

  2. *** BACK FROM THE DEAD SALE*** Selling a Bandai DX Konig Monster SP version transformed once, decal sheet unused, been in storage for at least 2 years now, no loose or broken parts. Asking $280 USD shipped. ### Within the US ### My apologies for everyone waiting for me to post pics, I got sick and was unable to use the computer then my phone die and oh well, etc.....etc..etc. Here are the pics Revoltech VF-1J #034 complete with box $35 shipped, pictures soon I'm also selling an SDF-1 MACROSS W.H.A.M asking $140 shipped. *** SOLD *** Thanks for reading. P.S.: I'm not on the straight shooter list, I've been a member since forever I most of the time bought stuff instead of putting it out for sale some members may remember me, if you do please post a positive note here so I can get this sale going. ObiJuan71
  3. Hi guys, Need to sale some of my most precious possesions as I was holding down to them, but can do it no more. CHOGOKIN DX GE-51S VB-6 KONIG MONSTER SP VERSION asking $350 Wave 1/5000 W.H.A.M.! SDF-1 asking $280 YAMATO Escaflowne Guymelef asking $150 Have some more items, will post them and pics for the rest later tonight. All items are inbox and have been open and put on display only, they have not been play with. (Please feel free to make a an offer, if the price seems high, to you) on that well there is a reason I'm selling and is not a pretty one. All prices include shipping within the US. International will add $20. Either you add 4% paypal fees or you send payment as gift. (borrowed this last lines from other sale... FYI, I've been a member for more than 15 years, for some odd reason my name does not appear in the list of straight shooters, will try to put a list of members I bought/sold stuff from, if you need to make sure please let me know.
  4. Just to make sure my screen name is ObiJuan71 Thanks
  5. Still working on the pics, price adjusted as well
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  7. Hi guys, Selling my SDF-1 Running out of space at the office and home, so I'm asking $190.00 shipped but I'm open to 'best offers' as well. I put it back in the box but will post some pics, it has no visible damage and was mainly on display, box is complete and all accessories are there (3 plastic pieces for the base). I had it transform a few times, and for that got to tell you the 'elbow' on the left seems a little loose, it holds up fine on transformation as the wait of both arms will have it come 'hands down' after a while, Was that way since the first time I transform it. For that reason I always had it in ship mode instead. Anyways, I will post some pics later. Thanks.
  8. ITEM IS SOLD to MWmember jennety Hi Guys Selling my DX Alto Custom, is being out of the box since I got it but I still have the box and still have all the inserts, I have never transformed all the way, is mainly being in jet mode all this time, it does have a scratch on the left shoulder on a few attempts to see how it will look doing the A stance. I'm asking for $150 + Shipping. I live in Texas so you can calculate all that. Open to best offers as well. Thanks.
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    Thanks guys. I'm trying to start a Voltron collection for my son, I send out PM's to you guys. Thanks again.
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    I know this is not a Macross item but I seen some offer before on the Sale/Trade forum, if you have one Trendmasters (diecast) or a Toynami 20th or 25th edition (no diecast is fine on this one). Please let me know.
  11. I have one if you are interested.
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