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  1. I very much enjoy looking at your collection Kicker! Keep up the good work. I know this is a macross forum but I'd appreciate it if you could post pics of your hot toys collection too. Love your custom TDK stuff.
  2. Tempted to get the dinogetter. Is it based on any anime or tv adaptation?
  3. Nice display Plastik! Expertly spaced and uncluttered display
  4. Yeah, it's only going to get worse with time. I can't see this ever getting a rerelease. Where the heck is my 1/24 Griffon Yamato?
  5. Nice, clean macross F collection Dwino. I like how you stuck all the ghosts on one stand to save space.
  6. Nice! I'm diggin the 1/48 GPB. Gunbuster's looking a little jealous
  7. I actually enjoyed the first movie. Went in with low expectations with the wife and was pleasantly surprised. Give the first movie a chance if you haven't seen it. It can hold its own against any Disney fair and I am an unabashed Disney fanboy. I'll probably see the second when it's out on video.
  8. I'm sorry to hear the news. I wish his family peace and comfort during this difficult time.
  9. Yessssss! About time bandai. Looking at the line art, it looks like it will have a "spinning fist" gimmick as seen during the final fusion sequence. Also it looks like it will be able to perform the hell and heaven and broken magnum attacks. I bet the star gaogaigar parts and goldimarg will be tamashii exclusives. Now get cracking with goldimarg and genesic gaogaigar!
  10. I can see that being a very expensive one off. Maybe a statue. How could that thing be articulated and durable with all those crazy hatches open?
  11. Cmon, someone here must be planning on to purchasing one of these..
  12. Wow treatment. You are picking up some nice pieces. Might I suggest picking up SOC Dancouga and especially Baikanfu if you can. I'm a bit biased because I saw those two animes when I was a kid and I'm a big studio Ashii fan. Seriously though, those two toys are awesome.
  13. The alt mode is terrible but you can't fault the toy. It came out in 2006 and had the trailer, jet pack, and roller among other things. It was actually kind of fun to mess with. Perfect desktop hand candy. I wish I didn't sell mine.
  14. I agree that the mock up photo looks lazy. The fists are not articulated. The feet don't have ankle tilts. And there are so many gaps in the chest area. I also don't like how primes legs are backwards and I can see the screws and such. They better polish this up before they show any more protos.
  15. Looks like Arthurius beat me to the punch. Here's the teaser pic. I hope MMC's Overlord is faithful to the G1 toy with separate tank and jet modes. Some gimmics activated by the powermasters would be nice.
  16. Gah, still need one but not at that buyout price + middle man fees.
  17. Thanks for the pictures Twoducks. That really looks good. I've come to a crossroads with my collecting as well. Since I've pretty much gotten a representation of all the 'bots or characters I've ever cared about, I've become far more selective with my purchases. Playability and "fun factor" are becoming more and more important. I look at all the macross stuff I have and realize just how little I handle any of them. Same deal. They are expensive, some are fragile, and most simply aren't "fun" to transform so I hardly ever touch them. I'm still yearning for a modern gokin toy in a fanchise that I care about that rugged, fun to handle, and displays well.
  18. Wow that's much larger than I was expecting. I can't wait to get mine though I'll have to wait since I bundled it with Talon. Dunno when that'll come out. Can you please take a pic in leg mode? The plastic looks good, almost matte from the pics unlike the shiny knock off like plastic that Unique toys is using. Is it textured or just matte?
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