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  1. Sorry for the delay got very sick with the flu. I'm currently working on the revisions and tracing the Dark Heroes Logo I'll also prepare a revised Logo for Dark Heroes and see if Hikuro Likes it. The new DVD cover will have revised text better scaling and a anniversary logo for Macross. I want to make some revisions to the framing and get the dimensions of the whole DVD accurately tweaked at the moment I'm kinda guessing. I'll also include the internal design of the DVD Hikuro this is just aversion not the final so I'll teak it if you have some issues with it.
  2. I'm tracing the Dark Heroes entertainment logo to make the quality of the design better.
  3. Is this about what we discussed?
  4. Perception changes yes but, it also evolves. As I've said experience grows fertile ground for story telling. The reason why experience, is because we have felt experienced something and respond to it maybe not the same way but we understand enought to get some of it. A kind of experience is a sort of universal kind of bond that connects us by a shared experience. Macross if you look at it as a theme alot of it has romance. Take other Kawamori works : Escaflowne, Aquarion, and the like they have a theme based in relationships if not romance. Besides if a genere was entirely based in romance it would eventually need some sub plots to diversify itself. Having a show devoted entirely to romance may not have the same appleal unless you add the right elements of story telling( drama, comedy, tragedy, and inciting action). Besides my beef isn't with a particular element in the industry it is a general style writers are taking and director's which is style over substance. If there is toomuch style the audience must be bombarded and stimulated to reach a new high. If they are too sbstance oriented they there is less entertainment value and they become disinterested. The 30 second rule is becoming the 15 second rule eventually the 5 second rule. The answer lies in their ability to stay interested. What I want with romance is less to give meaning to more. Being more driven by a character motivation and less about how in awe we are what a technical achievement more how we repond to it. Romance is a response to an innate desire to be connected beyond our own existence. And Love is the well being of one another that directly correlated to our own happiness.
  5. Why does it matter I thought this was a like / not like Basara thread? He would be the same regardless.
  6. Color for me the color is better but the lack of imperfections in drawing seem very too perfect. It is like looking at a straight line or a perfect angle so shape to crisp, so unpalatable. Color went from more opaque to electric in the 90's then to the HD color it is today. I'm not saying advancement is bad but mood is necessary. Line texture that is even reduces weight your mind sees it but can't quite make out why it is put off. Romance can bee about mood more subtle things without unsaid elements the piece loses character. here is an exampl Princess Mononoke Ponyo 2009 magical madoka 2011 Honestly this in't quite what I mean but color tells a story too. And what is telling is perfection. Perfectly shaped lines tend to be boring they need something that distinguishes them from other characters. Miyazaki quite frankly shows this his characters are very smilar but chage enough at things here there you have something new. I don't see it that way I feel the industry uses too much to accomplish too little. They set their eyes on technology to impress people and focus on an effect rather than a idea or person character is left out. Whether good animation or bad if the idea is great and is done well it will be received. Anime is better than it ever has been except passion , and soul. Series need to can what happens humanity is being leeched away by this" idea of perfection" rather than just writing about something you know about. If you know love write love, if you know action write action, if you know comedy write to make us laugh.
  7. Dragonar was subbed dude I got it off piratebay. I don't know about Gorg though is it good? I know Layzner is on animesuki hopefully it is still there.
  8. I don't myself feel it is an issue of age but rather experience. Everbody when they write experiences something good or bad, and resolves or questions it through writing, art ,etc. Today isn't a question of how it is written but, what they have experienced or thought of themselves. I read somewhere Kurt Buisek said this once this is a para phrase essential he said that there are types for a story we use them all the time an clob aspets together but, essentially there are few that are the most appealing so we tell it over again. Macross for example paints Hikaru like the brave little taylor, Minmei as a peasant becoming a princess ( or moder equilavent a movie star). Essentially rags to riches. Stories are always around us sometimes they live on and other just lose appeal and are not told again.
  9. This is just a simple idea I've been kicking around. Which do I like better honestly it is a dead heat both are very good. I'm not talking features or tech I'm talking style which do you like here are some pics to help you. first VF-1S batroid mode Fighter mode Gerwalk mode Now VF-0 Battroid mode Fighter mode I didn't get a Gerwalk for the S-type but this will do Anyway thnk you Macross Mecha Manual for the pics.
  10. Seriously if we're talking about how many people Basara slept with seems odd to me. I mean a lot of this is very vague the trait he possese that way. Besides most characters in anime are implied not always eplained and Basara is meant to be in this area questionable not hitting anything really I mean he could easily. Rockstars have tons of kids and groupies( of both sexes I might add). That however seemsmoot since this thread seems more like a popularity poll it seems to have turned into a Basara intrepretation thread.
  11. From the album: VF X Designs


  12. leading edge

    VF X Designs

    Shows plans blue prints and ongoing designs to upgrade current models for greater accuracy
  13. I added the Dark Horse Logo to see if I could place it if you want it off I can do it. this is the Black version.
  14. From the album: VF X Designs


  15. Sorry for the double post check out the new DVD Cover it has been a little while Hope you don't mind waiting give me more feed back to improve this please.
  16. From the album: VF X Designs


  17. From the album: VF X Designs


  18. Sorry about the text I haven't gotten to fix it I will make changes you should see something around 8pm ish I'm a little sick right now so I have a bit of time. As for the Dark Horse logo got you covered as for the color of the text I'll do like you guys said tone back the stars and maybe use a different font. Also more credits info do I need it for the final version Hikuro?
  19. Does it really matter how many times a character is popular with the opposite sex? I mean this is very weird. Kawamori characters seem very extroverted to the opposite end introverted ( though the leads tend to be very...ahem vocal). The point is now I guess who appeals to you more based on I guess getting laid now (I don't see how it applies). If that is it then I've never really seen Basara interested in anyone except maybe Sivil.
  20. I feel when I post something you seem overtly hostile to my opinion Gubaba. Anyhoo which does everyone like you know who would you prefer. That seems to be the topic now.
  21. Ok which one do you like? Translation: Which will you argue about.
  22. Dude like that show but isn't this for anime and scifi?
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