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  1. ...or ever, apparently, since Tommy Yune seems to hate SC...
  2. My wife's 2014 Camero SS has fully adjustable power seats, including vertically, I'm 6' 2" and have no problems driving it or riding in it, the interior has more than enough space in the front seats.
  3. Um, Worf said the line, not Picard, and not sure where you're going by putting merry man in quotes...
  4. Those Facebook threads are a trip...
  5. The name of the band that did the theme is Lion, not White Lion. I have the song on my iPhone.
  6. Ditto, just watched with my wife and kids. We had the same reaction to "dee-zero". My youngest son cried when was over because he wanted to see more. Our kids love looking at our Gundam kits that we've built, so they loved the first show and liked this first episode as well.
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