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  1. I only mean the merchandising, not the series. You know, the stockings, the plushies and the 17 euros hats... For the rest, I have not read anything that indicates that HG acts as an international distributor. That will surely be through Funimation which is from Sony, but not from HG. In fact, as I read and understand the matter, HG only saw how Daddy Big West and Daddy Sony made their arrangements.
  2. When HG try to sell Robotech merchandising to the japanese people:
  3. The english version on the portal says: So the infamous Robotech movie, maybe it will be made. And I say maybe, because this is not certain of anything. In other words, as much as we talk about Robotech this, and Robotech the other, we must remember that the Robotech franchise is dead in much of the world, no one knows it, much less remember it, and often people confuse it with Transformers . At least what I have seen and witnessed in recent times.
  4. No. HG has nothing to do with the argentinian edition.
  5. Sure, but that's because the video is from a VHS (or DVD) version, which is after its broadcast, although I could also be wrong. The point is that Macross existed and was broadcast on broadcast TV in other countries outside of the Robotech mix. I wish I had a lot more information about it, but I have been hunting for this material for years. I found it back in 2008/2009 when the Frontier fever was on, and since I was just starting on this, I did not understand the information that had crossed me. It was not until much later, that I found it again, fragmented, and shortly after, geocities fell, and goodbye to all the material. I have only been able to find individual videos on youtube, as well as other information lost out there. A curious case, that's when I saw for the first time, what was the script or part of it, of the live action treatment of a Macross film, from the year 1995. Information that came to light again a few weeks ago in the fan circles that I frequent.
  6. I assume that by this part, you mean North American audiences and maybe even Laton American audiences, since SDF Macross TV, premiered in countries like Italy, France and Portugal before HG got its hands on the series. And those three countries only what I could read and decipher before the French page that referred it, died in the oblivion of the geocities pages ... From the Portuguese translation, it is that the Brazilians later had the original Macross, although by then Harmony Gold had the rights and that is why the series was renamed Guerra das Galaxias.
  7. I did not know where else to leave the query. This has been a long time ago, years ... And since I had no need or rush, it has not occurred to me to complain or ask until now. Above it is not possible for me to send private messages on facebook, as to make the query there. What I assume is that given the disappointment I had with Delta, I commented too many things against the series, and for that reason I have been banned. On the page, I can only see the posts, but I cannot comment on it, nor can I react to it. The group does not exist for me directly, it is invisible. On the other hand, it happened so subtly that I did not realize this detail until a long time later, in addition to the fact that at no time was any justification or notification sent to me. If you have a solution ... I attach a screenshot of how I see the page, and the link to my Facebook profile. Thank you, and regards.
  8. I count it Robotech Academy like the point of no return for the Robotech's death. (The funniest thing was to hear the people of HG talk that they decided to leave Robotech Academy because it was not the best format for the series, and a long blah blah, but never accept that a few days after the deadline, they would not arrive to the promised amount) XD. Siempre dando la nota, vos... jajaja... -------- You always giving the note... hahaha...
  9. Well, my English is a bit rusty, at least for writing, so sorry for my terrible English. (I'm helping myself with the google translator, hehe). I was always better listening and reading it than writing it. Not to mention having to talk it. But hey, better step to the subject in question: Some time ago, I was noticing how in other English-speaking forums that I'm in, including this one, as well as the official Robotech page on facebook, and the official Robotech forum, and many other pages, as I have noticed and am close to saying that Robotech, as a franchise is totally dead, especially there in the US. Could you confirm if this is so in your experience? And when I say dead franchise, I mean that sales are low, there are no new series or new productions, the general public does not care, does not remember or does not know it directly. And what I see of current Robotech products, like the 1: 6 scale VF-1S from Fokker, created by Kids Logic, the F-14 line from Calibre Wings, or the VF-1J, (from Hikaru , with FAST Pack in a scene in atmosphere?) by Prime 1 Studio, they are all creations and editions made by those companies under the license of the Robotech name, but are in no way created by Harmony Gold USA. This means that the companies are the ones who pay the license to HG for the use of the name (I'm not sure about the use of the design), and they should give it their good commission from the profits as well. But HG at no time puts part of its money, invests time and / or effort, and certainly does not take the risks. All that makes me point out that in addition to the Robotech franchise being dead, Harmony Gold does everything possible to keep up the appearances that Robotech is a current, modern and current series, and they promise and promise about the live action movie. .. but nothing ever happens. All of which reminds me of this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCTgcZ6ImsQ Harmony Gold maintains the appearance that Robotech is a living franchise, to be able to obtain more business from naive companies such as Kids Logic or Calibre Wings, and thus obtain profits without any risk. In summary, that is more or less my appreciation after seeing certain attitudes from Harmony Gold, and seeing the Robotech fandom, as well as part of the general public when asked about said franchise. And no, that there are two or three lost fans, it does not solve anything, because it is not like with Macross that although I do not like Delta and I find it quite bad, the truth is that it sells. Macross in Japan is still a commercial boom. You know, there are full concerts, movies continue to come out, millions of models and high-quality toys are sold, there is a museum, there are specialized bars, there are even many fans outside of Japan who have no problem buying imported models, either in the USA or in Latin America. Robotech, the truth is that they no longer want or see it in the country of origin (USA).
  10. Can we finally see Harmony Gold's actions and real attitude behind the scenes? Harmony Gold is doing the same as in this movie: Robotech is a totally dead franchise, that even the fans are not interested in seeing, beyond the 4 crazy monkeys everytime, that I doubt very much that they buy the official products. But HG tries to show by all means that the franchise is alive, in order to continue looking for investors. As is the case with Kids Logic Company, and its 1/6 VF-1S Roy Fokker Cockpit model. Do you think HG paid any money for this? No, it was Kids Logic, who surely brought the idea to the people of HG, they pretended to think about the business, and then told them that they accept that they use the name Robotech, if they pay their juicy commission beforehand. Kids Logic, surely paid everything, and HG took the royalties just for owning the title. And that is the only reason why they make so many announcements of the eternal movie, and they fought for the rights of the original series. HG only seeks to maintain the appearance that they are the owners of a promising franchise, when this one is no longer in anyone's interest.
  11. That's I was asking but nobody answer it. In fact, now I doubt that anyone else has read it and tried to understand (without offending anyone). My knowledge of laws, as well as legal language, is low. But, the little I could understand and get clean, is that: if Big West succeeded (if it didn't already have it), Harmony Gold could lose a big business in Europe. * I don't know what legal move the Harmony Gold legal representative made, but as read in the PDF, her performance was disastrous, the judge having to remind her that the laws were different there. He even offered evidence that played against him, and in favor of the property of Big West.
  12. As I read it, I understand that it is not a Big West response. In fact, I don't know where they got that conclusion. What I see there, is a summary of the dispute, where Judge Elisa Tricerri, rejected the complaint / lawsuit of Harmony Gold USA for Big West Advertising to register the title and logo of MACROSS, to his property. And this, in my opinion, implies that within the countries of the European Union, Harmony Gold should, from now on, pay for royalties from the use of the word Macross, to Big West.
  13. Wait, wait... just to summarize the PDF document: Harmony Gold can no longer sell the title of Robotech: The Macross Saga, across Europe, for having the Macross name in the title?? Ouch! That is what I was able to get clean from reading the entire document... twice. Not only the shame that Harmony Gold had, because the regulator had to remind them that things do not work as they believe. The phrase: Applicant seems to forget that... is read in too many parts of the document. (And the Applicant was Harmony Gold USA). I know that they can continue doing it, if they pay royalties to Big West from now on, but in many cases, as I understand it, the cost of those royalties is established not by a regulatory body, but by the same company that owns them, in This case, Big West. In addition, according to the document, Harmony Gold was in part opposed, because its brands are very similar and did not want any fan, willing to buy merchandise from Robotech (yeah, sure...), end up buying one from Macross. And in which case, the regulator understood this fact but gave the reason and weight to Big West ... that is, if Judge Elisa Tericerri had greater judicial power, she would have taken Harmony Gold's rights to promote his merchandise ... Or am I wrong? Someone else read the entire document and started thinking about everything that implies?
  14. I love all the response to that tweet. Nobody, NOBODY likes Robotech anymore...
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