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    Flexi-Stand Poses

    How long does it usually take for you guys to get them from Lost and Found? I ordered on the 2nd of Sept and payed for the 3 day delivery but I still dont have them I actually have already gotten my shipment from HLJ that I order the same day. I ordered them from LAF because they were cheaper than HLJ on the items and I thought they would be here faster since I am in Seattle and LAF is in Texas. They have not responded to any e-mails either. Does anyone know where else I can get these awesome stands in the US if possible. I got my First 1/60th Scale yamatos and want to pose em up in the display case.
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first post here! I was really wanting to order the Isamu version of this Valkyrie , but when I read about all the problems that people were having with them I got turned off. The 25th anniversary model came out and I could not stand the paint. I like the black sorta but the gold trim killed it for me, and I could not tell if any of the problems were fixed. Now they release the 2 new paint schemes: 1/60 YF-19 Prototype Unit No.4 Double Nuts & 1/60 YF-19 Prototype Unit No.3 Bird of Prey. I was looking at these on HLJ and noticed in the description that it says: An improvement over Yamato's 2006-released YF-19, this offering features revised transformation and movable joints to allow for smoother transformation and pose ability. Using Google translate I found this information on the Yamato site about QC: "Inspection standards came into the world by far produced several "1 / 60 YF-19" is reviewing the standard factory inspection of the launch of this combined form, is also the best joint deformity and mobility, implementation and verification of where the parts fit. 精度が上がっています! Accuracy is up!" Source:Yamato Japan I took it that they are saying that since they have already built the YF-19 before(earlier revisions) they have upped the QC quality on this unit and redesigned or improved the joints on this unit and are also verifying that the parts are fitting correctly. Has anyone bought one to verify this? I am really wanting a few of the Yamato 1/60th scale valks. I really wanted to have the Isamu edition YF-19 and the Guld edition YF-21, but will take the new doublenuts version over the Isamu paint if its a better model and does not have the major problems of the last revisions. I need input on this as I am wanting to start a Valkyrie collection and would really like to start with these two.
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