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  1. Interesting. Going with an apostolic theme instead of an angelic one for the Angels might've been interesting as well. What might've been.
  2. Welp, good thing I've got the DVDs. Sucks that it went that far off though. A new voice cast I can at least understand but the sound effects and music weren't part of ADV's dub of Eva, I dunno why they'd have to change it all unless all they could get the license for was literally just the animation. Not being able to license "Fly Me to the Moon" I can understand but BGM is usually part and parcel with the program. (Not always, but usually.)
  3. Brand

    Hi-Metal R

    HS evidently closed already, if page refresh is accurate.
  4. Brand

    Hi-Metal R

    Gods dammit sh9000. xD
  5. Brand

    Hi-Metal R

    Same here. They didn't get the page up until right about when orders went live, I've been periodically refreshing the search for like three hours. xD No problems ordering though, HLJ either must not be seeing the same traffic as the other sites or they handle it better.
  6. Agreed. It's standard action-comedy fare but gorram do Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson play well off of each other, and are each fantastic independently too.
  7. Brand

    Hi-Metal R

    They just never learn to avoid Max. But of course, when you've only ever left one survivor (and you married her), you tend to not have word-of-mouth spread about your prowess!
  8. Brand

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh gods, Bandai, please don't release that lavender beauty too close to the Elintseeker, between it and the VF-2SS I'll need time for my wallet to recover! xD
  9. 00 is bound to be on its way in due time, Sunrise is making sure to get the whole of Gundam out to the Western world, and Right Stuf have been releasing them at a pretty decent pace. And 00 was pretty well received, especially after SEED and (ugh) SEED Destiny. No way they wouldn't re-release it. I'm looking forward to it coming around as well.
  10. "Intent to use" seems like it shouldn't be a valid justification once all licensed rights revert to Tatsunoko, since that reversion is specifically outlined in the contracts signed between both parties and mentioned and upheld by the recent court documents surrounding HG's current lawsuit. How can you intend to use something if you no longer hold any right to its use? Granted we still have to wait three years and change for that to happen but in a logical legal system (yes, I know, that pretty much disqualifies the U.S.) I'd say it would be a good point to bring up when the time comes. March 2021 is going to be an interesting time no matter what, and I'm betting Big West will be ready and waiting with their case to make as soon as the shoe drops.
  11. Brand

    Hi-Metal R

    Not sure what the whole announcement says but it definitely mentions January 2018 for something. Dunno if that means more info coming then or if those items will become available at that time.
  12. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was trying to counter your comment. xD It's a good point to have made! I'm curious how the change is going to be explained. I'm just glad that the original author is getting a chance to rework things to his own satisfaction. I liked the book, I'm interested to see how it's reimagined for a new medium by its creator (with help from industry pros, of course).
  13. Brand

    Hi-Metal R

    Bandai, you're killin' me here! Well, my wallet, anyway, but still! Of course, it's a willing sort of death... xD Between the VF-2SS, the upcoming Tomahawk whenever it comes around, and now the Elintseeker, they're really out to clean out my bank account.
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