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  1. I hadn't realized they were the same colors, haha. My idea was just to have a differently colored Queadluun. For me, Regults have been more white and blue, this custom color is more gray and blue, but you're right. It's the same set of colors as a Regult.
  2. Hi. This is a little project I've been working on for a while. Some time ago I found a sale in a store and much to my surprise they had Q-Rau kits. The kit itself was OLD, which is why I went for it instead of more modern ones. Since it was all green and ugly, I decided to paint it, and little by little, I've been advancing due to a lack of time. I think it's been a year since I started it. I still have a long way to go. I didn't file down the seams because the plastic was quite brittle either because of its age or how it was stored, probably both. I was afraid I would break it, so I will attempt something to hide them with either a a sticker of something else. For the face, I'm going to try adding something to it, I still don't know what, though. I'll give it some thought. Also, I will retouch the paint here and there, since I accidentally damaged it in a few spots. After i finish that, I will see if the decals that came with it are viable for application. Of course, the green portions will be properly taken care of. I have a VF-27, but I'm rather disappointed with the materials used for it. It's so fragile. Still, I'm considering painting it. I would just like to know if there are good spray paints that are relatively easy to apply and stay uniformly on the plastic. Also, what kind of finishing product can you recommend? For the Queadluun Rau, I actually used that thing women put on their nails so they look shiny (I don't know the English name of it), but I'm not quite satisfied with it. Any suggestions? I would like to know if there is one good enough to avoid scratching the paint when transforming the model, since a in a Macross kit, transformation is one of the most important features for me.
  3. If by endings we mean illustrations, well... I hope they are available for later viewing in the gallery. I haven't checked. That said, good (extra) excuse for replaying the game.
  4. Thanks! I did know about the guide, but couldn't find it. Searching for game stuff at 4:36 AM with no sleep is kind of hard.
  5. I beat the game, but missed on a lot of the subquests. I was basically going for a speedrun since I have limited time and wanted to see the story. Does anyone have a list of the missions and what to do to beat them? Like a mini walkthrough?
  6. I advise you to discuss this either through private messages or email. Many of the topics, links and related materials to custom firmwares, jailbreaking/cracking consoles and the use and distribution of ripped game software ranges from maybe illegal to completely illegal. Please avoid problems for yourselves and for everyone else in this board. Owners included.
  7. Well, I finally got my copy, and after playing it quite a bit, I can say I'm rather surprised with what they pulled out. The control scheme is very comfortable and lends itself to play it in a way that I'm used because of the games I often enjoy (3rd person shooters like Mass Effect). I haven't gotten very far, I just recently got Mina, but she's still not a pilot (not a spoiler if you saw the site). Gameplay strongly reminds me of Phantasy Star Online 1 and 2 in that it is a free roam game (as far as you've allowed, though) and fight enemies here and there. I really like how despite being a Macross game it has a strong influence of more regularly made action RPGs, which I rarely play nowadays, but are still enjoyable. I'm more than pleasantly surprised. It was well worth the trouble. Edit: I started browsing the gallery and my surprise couldn't be bigger when I saw interviews with part of the cast of each featured Macross production. Some were tremendously amusing, others insightful and reflexive. This is by far the best extra they could have thought of.
  8. CrazyMartian

    Macross 30

    It's finally here! My copy arrived today while was out of the house. Installing the game data after the patch (whatever it does). The one game that I had been waiting for since Ultimate Frontier, that made me jump through hoops and dance in circles. This is definitely the game that has given me the most difficulty in order to get it, but what the hell, it's worth it!
  9. Aren't they technically still around, only under a different name?
  10. Los que tengan PS3 pueden usar el Adhoc Party para jugar juegos de PSP a larga distancia. Los de Macross funcionan bien.
  11. En PSP, principalmente Macross Triangle Frontier. El UMD casi no sale de ahí, aunque alterno con Valkyria Chronicles 2 y Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. En PS3, Dead or Alive 5, Metal Gear Solid 4 y Metal Gear Rising. Sigo esperando mi copia de Macross 30.
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