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  1. Well, at least thanks for this frighteningly convincing approximation of your typical Engrish subtitle right there. Also tried one of those Malaysian bootlegs (yeah...) and not too keen on the whole torrent thing all the hip kids are doing, but if someone could point me to a place where I can find decent separate (fan) sub .srt files for use with the actual DVDs I'd be set.
  2. And one more: I find it very hard to find information on official Japanese Macross DVD sets (with all the bootlegs around); was there ever an official Japanese R2 Macross F DVD box set with all episodes? And if so, does anyone have a link with more info (so I can see how it looks etc.)?
  3. Short question: does anyone know if the guitar version of the SDF Macross theme that is featured as background music in Animeigo's DVD menu's is featured on any of the OSTs? I can't find out what's it's called, and as far as I can tell it's not on 'the complete' OST... Thanks!
  4. Thanks all, for the comprehensive list. I have a bad track record this far in selecting figures (3 out of my 3 Valks turned out to have a manufacturing problem of some kind) so I planned to avoid that this time around
  5. Hey, thanks! Will be ordering one at HLJ (they have both the original and the 2012 one discounted, but I prefer the tinted canopy over the extra parts).
  6. Sorry to reanimate this thread, but I would not know where else to ask: does anyone know if the tinted-canopy VF-1A Cannon Fodder is one of the safe models? I haven't seen mention of it breaking, but I think it's from around the same period as the problematic Valks?
  7. Graham, I'm in the market of one set for DYRL Fokker VF-1S. Just sent PM. *fingers crossed* Thanks!
  8. Personally wouldn't mind paying higher shipping costs if some one would be willing to ship from the US to the Netherlands.
  9. Would be interested in a set of shoulders for the Roy VF-1S, are orders being taken again? Just found out that both are cracked right out of the box on mine (had it stored since getting it a year ago). Fortunately also have the newer one, which is still fine, but would be nice if I could fix up the broken one.
  10. Stumbled upon this thread as a disgruntled owner of a broken-shouldered VF-1S and noticed your post. Are you saying that the VF-1S Roy is going to be re-issued? Will these have the improved shoulder hinge and do you know when and where these can be ordered?
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