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  1. Should anyone be feeling buyers remorse on buying an additional vf-4g, let me ease your mental anguish by buying one from you (anticipates the sounds of crickets chirping)
  2. Not too sure what's going on. I carried out a search on HLJ earlier and saw it was advertised at the sale price but when adding to cart it reverted to full price. After refreshing website looks like its back to full price again
  3. Thanks guys, exactly what I wanted to hear as I was considering removing my pre-order for this valk if I couldnt combine shipping with my vf-0s. I guess Mr K hasnt been as forthcoming with the twitter pics of factory progress as he was with the vf-0s release
  4. I dont suppose anyone knows if production has commenced on vf-4g yet? I have my vf -0s sitting in private warehouse at HLJ with the hope that I can combine shipping for the two valks together but I think I might be pushing my luck
  5. Magnificent, sensational!! An absolute work of art!!!
  6. VF-25S received safe and sound! Thanks again Chris.
  7. Damn!!! Those are the coolest things I have seen in a long time
  8. Hi Jeff, received the low viz this morning. Couldnt be happier with it. It's absolutely immaculate and big thanks especially for packing so well also. Its currently looking very comfortable on the same shelf as my super stealth valk. Thx again
  9. That's one ridiculously impressive collection Kicker!!! Literally floor to ceiling lol
  10. Very Nice well rounded collection u have there EricElvis but no SDF-1 or quarter?
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