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  1. Hello, I would like to ask for how much I could sell following things so I don't have to wait months/years to get rid of them? A fair price for such items. Macross: The Complete soundtrack Macross: Complete Collection ADV (DVD) Thanks for any help.
  2. Excellent build. Subdued colors with a light shadding are making it looks more realistic. One of the best looking VF-25 that I saw so far. <Looks at the shelf with their own Valks> It's about time to paint those kits ^^
  3. Great chara art. It would be nice to see artbook with such works ^^
  4. @Renato: Thanks for the reply.I see both OST's on my local auction site for a quite good price so it will be my next purchase, only thing that will be left to get is M+:Cream PUF .It's nice to hear that at least M+ OST's were released outside of Japan. And yes, too bad that will not gonna happen again, at least not in the nearest future.
  5. Paliodor

    Macross 30

    Great cover art. Hype for the game is rising up!
  6. Paliodor

    Macross 30

    There's a lot of shops on the net that offer international shipping. I saw pre-orders for M30 on CDJapan and Play-Asia so if you like, then you can order this game on one of them.
  7. Have any of you heard or have in collection soundtracks from Macross Plus released by Demon Soundtracks? I found about this label while searching for Heart and Soul CD and I was quite suprised that someone in UK released OST's from M+ there. Mayby someone could tell more about them since there's not much info on the net.
  8. Sweet Mylene art ^^ And something for Misa fans.
  9. Just found the CD on Otaku.be for quite nice price, there's nothing on Ebay at the moment and on Amazon.JP prices are too high for me, 10,000¥ for 3 tracks CD... Now I only have to wait for the monthly payment. Thanks guys for the help.
  10. Hi guys, just a quick music related question Today I watched "M7:The Galaxy is Calling Me!" and would like to know if there is a CD with the "Heart and Soul" song on it. Was searching on CD Japan but with no result.
  11. Paliodor

    Macross 30

    CD with intro and outro themes from M30 can be pre-ordered on CD Japan: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=VTCL-35147
  12. Paliodor

    Macross 30

    Again thanks for the info For a debut I have to admit that the song came out very well, she have a nice voice, it was a very good choice if it goes about the winner of Miss Macross contest.
  13. Paliodor

    Macross 30

    Thanks for the info, was curious who it was because dunno why but I was thinking that was May'n ... And is she a newcomer to the music bis or was she singing before? There's nothing on YT when you search for her name
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