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  1. 32 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Somehow, that one never made it into the final cut of the movie.

    Yeah I know. Still though it would have been an interesting change I think.

    32 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Yup, they're reskins of the same CG model... and the turret is visibly present and accounted for (see 7:27 in Macross Frontier ep7).  The turret isn't exposed in Shuttle mode, you can only see it clearly in the other two modes.

    Hmm... Now that you mentioned it yeah they are still there. Huh. They never use them at all.

    33 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    IINM, the last we really see or hear of the Dulfim is at around 6:48 in Macross Frontier Ep8... where she's shown to be alongside one of the Macross Frontier's Island-class environment ships.  It's mentioned that the Dulfim's crew had been interviewed about the fate of the Macross Galaxy but that they didn't really know anything useful, and that they were currently quarantined and awaiting medical examination due to the risk of V-type infection.  They just kind of drop off the face of the story after that, except in the movie version where those ships and the refugee ships they escorted carried the cyborgs who hijacked Battle Frontier.

    It's been a good while since I last reviewed the novelization and I'm well overdue for a reread, but I don't recall anything specific being mentioned about the fate of the ship or her crew.

    Still it is a shame. It would have been interesting to see it appearing like at the final battle or before then.

    34 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    They're the ones on either side of the cockpit.

    Sorry. I meant capable of being swapped. I am aware of those guns.

    35 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Well, almost all of them... there's an eccentricity in the Macross Frontier movie materials that list a different model of coaxial gun on the VF-25's monitor turret (head) that's a laser weapon instead of a beam weapon.

    Laser weaponry is exactly what the name indicates: they produce an extremely intense, tightly focused beam of light that damages the target by heating the target's surface until the target's surface burns, melts, or evaporates.  They're very limited weapons in terms of stopping power and top out below the other types of energy weapon in Macross, but they're an extremely precise class of weapon because they fire a tightly focused light beam at, well, the speed of light.  Laser weapons can also be made extremely compact, which is a virtue for something with an internal structure as complicated as a VF's or as cramped as a battle pod or battle suit.

    Beam weaponry, on the other hand, is an umbrella term that refers to two different types of directed energy weapon: particle beam weaponry and dimensional beam weaponry.

    Particle beam weapons are weaponized  miniature particle accelerators.  They use electromagnetic fields and electrostatic lenses to focus and accelerate subatomic or atomic particles to relativistic velocities (significant fractions of the speed of light) so that the immense transfer of kinetic energy causes the target's surface to superheat almost instantaneously and a deeper hit might see the beam's charge cause secondary damage to onboard electronics.  The Zentradi make widespread use of electron particle beam weapons as the main weapon of the Regult series battle pod.  Macross publications usually aren't specific about what type of particle beam weaponry humanity favors.

    Starting in Macross Frontier, the generic term "beam gun" or "beam cannon" started to be applied to dimensional beam weapons too.  These are the exotic energy weapons that are built on the same technology as the Macross's main gun.  They produce a type of ultra-heavy exotic particle called heavy quantum that exists simultaneously in realspace and in fold space, and when they've got enough of it they use fold waves to cause all of its mass to drop into realspace.  This causes the heavy quantum to collapse in on itself due to the heavy quantum's intense gravity, until it ignites in a fusion reaction.  The ensuing explosion triggered by the fusing heavy quantum is corralled using any of several technologies to make a highly destructive beam of fast-moving fusion plasma.  This technology is sometimes called a converging energy cannon, super dimension energy cannon, or more recently a heavy quantum reaction beam cannon.  This technology was mostly confined to ship-based gun turrets and the larger "main gun" type systems, but miniaturized versions began showing up on VFs starting with the VF-19 and VF-22.  (I privately suspect the unspecified "impact cannon" technology the Zentradi have is also a miniaturized dimensional beam weapon.)

    Where the line has started to blur has mainly been in warship stats... abbreviating "converging beam cannon" down to just "beam cannon".  When a VF is equipped with dimensional beam weapons, they're usually specifically called out as such instead of being referred to by generic terms.  (Macross Delta publications have been a bit hit-or-miss in that regard.)

    Interesting. Still I wonder why the NUNS started dropping Laser Monitor Turrets for small Beam Guns.

    36 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    They did, in the gaiden manga Macross Delta Gaiden: Macross E.  The Xaos PMC branch on Pipure uses VF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX units... albeit without the MDE beam weaponry and other anti-Vajra add-ons.

    I am aware of that darn pink-painted thing, I meant in the series itself. Would have been interesting. Though I wonder is that Radome Dish an optional equipment for the VF-171EX or is it a modification?

  2. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Macross Chronicle's Mechanic Sheet for the VB-6 Konig Monster in the Macross Frontier movies does note that the craft has many armament variations to deal with diverse combat situations, though it doesn't even mention the guns in question.

    Interesting. Like the Trailer Version of the machine with the heavy arm guns of a Cheyenne II which has already been mentioned.

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    What's interesting here is that there is very clearly more than one set of unlisted guns on the 2050s-2060s era Konig Monster.

    Oh. Now that is interesting. So I was not seeing things then.

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Both 1st Lt. Canaria Berstein and Cpt. Alberto Larazabal's VB-6 Konig Monsters are depicted firing two different sets of unlisted machine guns.  One set is a pair of machine guns that appear, from the muzzle flashes, to be set into the sides of the nose near the vernier thrusters in Shuttle mode.  The second is the aforementioned set of guns that're mounted in the arms in GERWALK and Destroid modes.  There's an up-close view of Cpt. Larazabal firing the nose guns on his Konig Monster at about 9:50 in Macross Delta's 22nd episode, but they made their debut in Macross Frontier's 7th.

    I have also reviewed both of the scenes mentioned myself and does it look like the Nose Turret wasn't on either of those units? Also. I wonder what happened with the Dulfim after Episode Seven of Frontier. Since I do not think we see it afterwards at all. The Kaitos gets destroyed during the episode by the Knight Class ship appearing at the end of the battle but the Dulfim survives but after that we do not see it again. Was there anything about it in the novelization?

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    As to what they are, it's hard to say... since the main Variable Fighters in service around this time seem to have been designed with an eye towards easily exchanging even the internal weapons systems.  For example, the VF-171 and VF-25's fixed-forward guns could be either beam machine guns or conventional machine guns.  There's often little obvious difference, visually, between the two.  Given the space constraints in the VB-6's nose, I'd expect them to be beam machine guns... but it's anyone's guess really.  The sound effect used is the one that's normally used for solid-ammo machine guns though, for what little that's worth.

    Huh. I knew about the Messiah's forward guns but did not know it was also in the VF-171 as well. That is interesting. Speaking of which with the Variable Fighters introduced during the last two series we no longer have them sporting laser guns as head guns instead now being called beam guns. Though they still kind look like lasers when firing. So is there any difference between these new beam guns and the old head lasers?

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    One interesting detail - well, interesting to a detail-obsessed mecha nut like me - that I noticed while I was reviewing footage to answer the above question is that the Brisingr Alliance's member worlds seem to be equipping their local New UN Forces defense forces differently.  From the sound effects used, the New UN Forces from Voldor and Al Shahal have outfitted their VF-171s to use conventional machine guns on their forward gun mounts, while Randor's VF-171s seem to be using beam machine guns.

    Now that is interesting. For it does make sense. Though I wonder why they didn't throw some of the VF-171EX units in there to make things interesting.

  3. Yeah, @Seto Kaiba,

    Have a question for you. I was reading through the VB-6 entry at Macross Mecha Manuel once more thanks to current conversation going on right now and I noticed something. It says the Konig Monster has a single light gun (vulcan gun?) in the "chin" of the shuttle mode and GERWALK mode. However, I remember seeing both in Frontier, and later in Delta that it sports some sort of vulcan gun or gatling cannon built into the arms of the unit. Since the one time we see the Destroid mode of the Konig in Frontier it's blazing away with arm-mounted guns, and during Delta it fired a similar gun at a Draken-III destroying it before landing onto an asteroid in GERWALK mode were it proceeds to one-shot a Windermere Cruiser with its big guns. So does the later variant (2050/2060) of the Konig Monster have added guns in the arms?

    20 hours ago, fenrir72 said:

    Just imagine having it go against the Invid ( I know different franchise)...........

    1 hour ago, fenrir72 said:

    You guys are such a big help! Thanks! Way better than those wikias! All the more adding to the mythos of the mech's pure awesomeness!  I also saw what it did to the tank.........OUCH! 

    Great. Thanks so much now I am getting "ideas" for an old Robotech story idea I had years ago. Sigh.

  4. 16 hours ago, Tochiro said:

    You’ll be happy to know then that a second movie has been announced and is indeed currently being worked on :-)

    I am aware of the second movie. However, what I meant is that we should have gotten a second movie covering the series timeline more time to explore bits of the new storyline. That said. I am quite excited for the second movie since it is going to be a whole new storyline after the end of the series/first movie. 

  5. Okay. After my latest watch of the movie and seeing this thread I figured I put this down before I forget about it.

    First, of all I want to mention that I am quite a fan of Delta. Do not know why I am, since Frontier is better overall but still I do like the series. That said. I am not blind to its failings. I actually loved the whole idea of the series moving the Franchise away from Colony Fleets but towards a collection of settled planets. I also liked the idea of having more nationalities out there outside of the Human-lead New United Nations. Even then I know Delta does have some issues and I am okay with that. For it is fun series to watch. Okay. That is enough for the series itself, since this thread is about the movie. 

    Moving on. Hmmm... So just in case I shall place my stuff into a spoiler tag.



    So first up. I did enjoy having Hayate already in Xaos by the start of the movie. But, I do not believe he should already be in Delta Flight but maybe in either Beta or Gamma Flights and then transferred over to Delta after Frejya joins Walkure. Since apparently there was a Delta Flight member for each member of Walkure after all. 

    Next up. I loved the duel between Keith and Messer better then the series for it actually gave Messer a chance to shine briefly before his death. It also didn't really cheapen his death like the series did with that one-shot kill. It also a bit sadder and more emotional with him dying in Kaname's arms. Being captured soon afterwards kept that emotional train going along with Keith's mentioning of Kaname's song during the scene later. 

    I also loved the new song and the intro concert. For it did remind me of the Frontier Movie versions of Sherly's Concerts while still making it a bit original. Though the editing of the scene with putting the new concert into the movie was kind of weak since the transition from the new concert to the old stuff from the Series was quite jarring. They could have done better then that. It was worse then some of the transitions during the Gundam Zeta Movies from the new animation to that of the old. And that is saying something.

    I did kind of miss the Battle of Ragna and the fleeing from the planet even though I know it is not the favorite of many out there. I did like the whole idea. So seeing Island Jackpot just sitting there and doing nothing was kind of disappointing in my opinion. Though I understand the time crunch for the movie.

    Still we did get the extra two Macross Elysion Class Ships which was quite sweet in my opinion. Though I honestly think they could have done better with them. They could have change up the weapons and equipment on the other two ships like the Macross Quarters from the second Frontier Movie. Maybe different attachments then the Enterprise Class ships with the Elysion. Also I would have liked to see some shots of those ships launching their own units alongside the reminder of Delta Flight and the rest of the Xaos Third Fighter Wing from the Elysion. Though kind of shame we didn't get see anything further on that Armored Karios that we see launching alongside Delta Flight.

    Then we got the very brief fight against the two remaining Elysion Class ships. That was pretty cool with the whole pointing the main gun at the bridge of the other ship like go ahead do something stupid and you are dead.


    Overall. While it was not as good as the Frontier Movies at all. It was still a fun little piece that was fun to watch. Seto I think said it best earlier. It is a popcorn-crunching action flick but that is all it is. They really should have a second movie like Frontier to spread things out a bit and add a bit more new story stuff also Frontier. Anyways. That is my humble opinion of the movie. Hate it or love it. It is still an interesting movie.


  6. 8 minutes ago, de_005 said:

    If anyone is interested, here is a wide screen version. It surprised me when they integrated flashback at the end. That was a pleasant surprise.

    Not all of it just the bit at the beginning with Minmei's concert. They don't show the Megaroad-01 Launching. Also. I have watched Flashback a couple times now and I never noticed that Minmei's supporting band members are actually full-sized Zentradi. Laughs.

  7. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    The Windermereans in Macross Delta are actually a much better example of that... right down to the Protoculture connections, song priestesses, and using songs to boost the combat performance of their troops. 

    True. I actually had the idea long before I even started watching Delta.

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    There were/are more virtuoids like Sharon Apple in the galaxy at one point... one of the characters in the stage musical Macross the Musiculture was one.  The technology to make them truly alive/sentient/self-aware was illegal though, because it had a tendency to result in developing self-preservation behaviors and a case of crazy robots.

    Again. True. Though I did not know there were more virtuoids out there beside Sharon Apple. Interesting.

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    The Dyaus are bio-technological, and are shown in the story to have the ability to reproduce biologically.  How intelligent they truly are is anyone's guess, but they definitely react to intrusions into the Protoculture ruins in a coordinated way that suggests they're fairly intelligent.

    Huh. I did not know that they actually could reproduce. Thought they were only some sort of weird bio-weapon created by the Protoculture. Sometimes I really wish I could actually play Macross games. Sigh.

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Yes, both Ragna and Voldor are New UN Government member planets and members of the Brisingr Alliance.

    Windermere IV was too, before the Kingdom of the Wind withdrew from the New UN Government in 2060.

    The Brisingr Alliance is a mutual defense pact and trade agreement uniting the New UN Government member planets in the Brisingr globular cluster.  The cluster is so remote that it would be problematic to get reinforcements from outside the cluster should a world in it come under attack, and its remoteness also hindered the development of its economy.  The practical solution to these problems was to form a united front where the various planets in the cluster would reinforce each other if one should be attacked and would support each other's trade to bolster their economies.  The VF-31 Kairos is the Brisingr Alliance's economic brainchild, a locally-developed 5th Generation main Variable Fighter that they could sell as an export instead of having to spend money to import fighters or licenses to locally build fighters from outside the cluster.

    Interesting. Thanks for the info.

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Nope.  It's a reuse of the Island Cluster-class CG model from Macross Frontier but it's clearly MUCH smaller and landed on Ragna about 30 years ago (2037?).

    I have, in the past, speculated that it was meant to be an early 3rd Generation emigrant ship - one of the first City-class emigrant ships - possibly being the City-class component of the Macross 2.  We know that the City-class had gained the "Shell" portion of its design by the time Macross 5 was built, and we know the fates of Macross 3 and Macross 4, which is enough to narrow it down to just the Macross 1 or Macross 2, and it doesn't match the pictured configuration of the Macross 1.  This is, however, just speculation.  Its identity hasn't been confirmed.

    Huh. So it could be the City Section of the New Macross Fleet that originally found Ragna? The one seen in that one flashback. I thought those particular early City Sections were around 5k meters in length? The Island Jackpot looks to be half-that size. You know I just remembered didn't Macross 5 (and Macross 1 now that I think about it) have more then one City-Section? Therefore. This so-called Island Class could a smaller auxiliary city section for those early Macross Colony Fleets. 

  8. I am glad there are a few other Macross Fans out here in lovely sunny Las Vegas. Though be warned I am not all that much a fan of say Macross Seven or that the stuff created for DYRL? is so prominent in later Macross productions. When everything calms down and goes back to normal. I usually have breakfast at the Denny's at Craig and Valley on Sunday mornings after I get off work. So feel free to join me there when everything goes to some sort of normal after this pandemic starts to run out.

    Remember Stay Vegas Strong. Or should that be Vegas Deculture.

  9. 7 hours ago, sketchley said:

    Well, yes and no.  The Protodevilun are a combination of energy life forms from the sub-universe and the Ehvil Series.  The Ehvil series are basically the successor to the Zentrādi—thus they are "related" to the Protoculture.

    Honestly. I am not a fan of the Protodeviln, or much of Macross 7. My personal head canon is that the events we know as Macross 7 is actually a fictional take on the war against the Varauta that was made to promote Fire Bomber and their music. I really do not know what actually happened during this time but I have a couple ideas of what happened. For example, one idea I have is that the Protodeviln are actually similar to that of the Mardook from Macross II and control their forces through songs. 

    8 hours ago, sketchley said:

    AND a new variant of the Zentradi.  Giving us:

    • Zentrādi (TV series ver.;  basically humans)
    • Zentran (movie ver.; able to biologically join with their equipment)
    • Meltran (movie ver.; essentially have fibre optics for nerves, among other things)
    • Ehvil series (essentially forgo the need for external equipment—like Mobile Weapons and space battleships)

    Ummm... I would lump all that under Zentradi. Also, I prefer the regular TV versions am not much a fan of the Movie versions of the Zentradi.

    8 hours ago, sketchley said:

    And what about the other intelligent life forms?  Like the Sharon Apple style AI, or the Galactic Whales?

    I wouldn't count either of those. Sharon Apple is a human-created AI and not a Protoculture created race. The Galactic Whales are closest but we don't know much about them, like Seto said do we actually know if they are sentient.

    6 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Well, there's a few more... before Macross Delta rolled in and added the Ragnans, Voldorans, and Windermereans, Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy introduced two more.  One is the biotechnological insectoid species called the Dyaus that that ancient Protoculture created to keep people from messing with the protective measures they built to seal away the Fold Evil they built that had the power to alter time, and the other being the possibility of a sentient bio-android that we later saw realized in Macross Delta in the form of Walkure's Mikumo Guynemer.

    Ummm... I thought the Dyaus are actually artificially created weapons and not really an intelligent race. As for bio-android I had forgotten about that but they are only a couple around at this time.

    Anyways with said I did not mean to drag up anything about this. I only wanted to point out Delta did give us a few more races to enjoy talking about or speculating about. Heck. I would love to see some further stories about them in the future. Granted they all live out in the boonies but still I do love the addition of the extra races. It gives a bit more life to the Macross Galaxy as whole in my opinion.

    Not that is out of the way. I have a couple of small questions for you Seto.

    First extended from the bit about the races from Delta. Are Ragna or Voldor actually part of the Brisingr Alliance? Or are they their own independent worlds. I believe it was mentioned that Voldor had their own NUNS Garrison Fleet. Therefore, making them members of the New United Nations Government in some way, but does the mean they are also part of the Alliance or are they their own member of the NUNG. Ragna doesn't look to have its own NUNS forces outside of the Xaos forces. Oh. They have a fleet in orbit when the Windermere arrive to start the Battle of Ragna but I honestly don't think they are actually NUNS but Xaos as the officer that reported to the Macross Elysion is wearing a Xaos Officer Uniform similar to that of Captain Johnson. We also just saw Xaos call in some further forces a couple episodes before hand.

    Second. Do we have any data on the Island Jackpot and its class of ship? Others call it the Island Class. I believe it is smaller then even the regular New Macross Class Island that we see with the Macross 7, but is it a member of that overall reaching class of Island Ships. Basically the human colony ship that arrived at Ragna. Or is it like the Environment Ships from Frontier where it is an auxiliary colony ship to that of a main, larger, colony ship?

    Anyways. Sorry about keeping on asking these questions Seto but I am quite curious about some of the background and this is the first I can get my questions answered. With other properties that I like there are already plenty of information out in the internet about it. Macross is one of the few that actually has not all that much information about it posted in an easily found place to browse.

  10. Hmmm... you should at least watch the Movie's Final Battle. Having three Macross Elysion Class ships taking part was quite interesting in my opinion and the brief fight between the remaining two ships was even better then the "Aether Attack" from the Series in my opinion. Though it is not as good as the Macross Quarter literally surfing through the air in the last Frontier Movie. 

  11. Speaking of which. Love it or hate it, you do have to give Macross Delta props for pretty much doubling the amount of races in the entire franchise. For the longest time we only had the dead Protoculture, modern humanity, and the Zentradi. Then we got the Zolan introduced in an OVA based after the second major series. Then years later, Delta gave us the Windermere, the Ragnans, and the Voldor. That had been one of my minor little nitpicks with Macross and Delta solved it. Somewhat.

    EDIT: Opps. Forgot the Vajra from Frontier but they were truly an alien race that was little understood while the others I mentioned were the humanoid and understood far better in some sense.

  12. On 5/9/2020 at 7:54 PM, jvmacross said:

    Thanks for posting the link...I finally took the time to watch the Macross Delta movie.  I liked the TV series better but that isn't saying much as I thought it was the weakest series in the franchise... ;)

    You are quite welcome! Honestly the only things I actually liked about the Movie was that Hayate was already a member of Xaos, that there is more then one Macross Elysion, and finally the duel between the two remaining ships at the final battle. The rest of the movie is okay but I much prefer the series itself.

  13. Hello,

    I noticed that we did not have a thread out for Phoenix Fan Fusion this year. I know it is not normally a big Macross event but it does have some bits and pieces for those interested on going. I remember finding some of the background material for Macross in the Vendor Hall at this convention a couple years ago. As for events and such for Macross I do not remember anything happening for that though I do seem to remember one year we had one of the VAs for the ADV Dub of SDF Macross. 

    Anyways. I hope to see you there!


  14. Damn. Should have seen this thread years ago. I have been living in Northwest Vegas for the past seven years. Sigh. I was at LVL Up Expo this last year and briefly at another convention around my first year here though I don't remember which one that was. Anyways. I also planning on going to Phoenix Fan Fusion this years in September.

  15. 45 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Yes, all of the Windermerean VF pilots are Aerial Knights.

    The Aerial Knights are the planet Windermere IV's aerospace force, and the "knights" part isn't fanciful... they're an actual order of royal knights in service to the King of the Kingdom of the Wind.  Organizationally, they're a continuance of the pre-contact knights who fought siege battles from the backs of giant birds.  They've just traded the birds for something a bit more modern thanks to the introduction of human overtechnology following Megaroad-04 landing on their planet in 2027.  They graduated from airborne cavalry to an aerospace force.  As seen in Macross Delta Gaiden: the White Knight of the Black WIng, the introduction of modern technology hasn't changed their traditions or chivalric mindset much.  Their ranks seem to contain a lot of highborn folk, the sons of nobles, religious officials, and wealthy merchants.  Qasim's the only one of Keith's squadron who is lowborn, the son of an apple farmer who joined up as an adult instead of joining as a child.  Their top ace still bears the title White Knight of Darwent, with two of the last three encumbents being members of the royal family.

    Keith's squadron seems to be the most elite squadron in the Aerial Knights.


    Huh. I kind of expected that. Though I did have a bit of head canon, which I used in my fanfiction story Knight of Xaos, that had the Aerial Knights riding the larger version of those weird dragon-bird things we saw in that one flashback episode before humanity found them. Still thanks Seto for confirming my head canon is partly correct! As a Code Geass fan and a former performer at a Renaissance Festival this actually makes me like the Aerial Knights even more. 

    3 hours ago, sketchley said:

    Here's the Macross Chronicle article about the movie version: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/MCRmechanic/TFnuns02aVF-171Destroids.php

    Huh. The Bloc-IIIF huh. It says it does not have the EX-Gear in it but I could have sworn it did have it. It just did not have the more powerful engines I thought. 

    51 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Yeah, we've seen three distinct versions of the VF-171 (four if you count Master File's take on certain Frontier content).

    The VF-171 Block II that is the standard model we see for most of Frontier and Delta, the Block III from the movies that was updated with EX-Gear and MDE weapons but not much else, and the more extreme VF-171EX that got new engines, airframe design changes, and other major upgrades.

    OH. It does have EX-Gear then. Though I wonder there was one Nightmare Plus variant that was described somewhere as a sweet fighter to fly or something to that effect. 

    33 minutes ago, JB0 said:

    Waitwaitwait... so they had a real-life version of Williams' Joust going on and then the Megaroad 4 ruined it?
    I am so very disappointed. I want to see an anime of the Windemerian knights Jousting pre-contact now.

    And it was not just your typical old Joust we know from Medieval times they are actually flying in the freaking air! 

  16. 2 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Well, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that one or more of the undisclosed technological advancements in the YF-24 Evolution was something along those lines... but we can't say that the VF-24's superior performance isn't simply due to more advanced conventional technologies and a better-designed ISC.

    True that.

    2 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Even I occasionally get details mixed up if I don't have my notes on hand.  

    That's one of the reasons I'm taking advantage of this work-from-home situation to get back to work on my website project.  It's an opportunity to organize and systemize my notes and get 'em up for the world to view at their leisure.

    That would be great. I love Macross Mecha Manuel but it does not have the majority of this stuff therefore I would love to see a site that has some of your notes and such.

    3 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    The YF-24 program was kicked off shortly after the New UN Government's first contact with the Vajra in 2040.

    Whatever the incident entailed, it was enough of a shock for the New UN Government to conclude that even its latest main VFs were probably not up to the task of combating the Vajra and launch development of the next generation of variable fighters with a goal of being able to successfully oppose the Vajra if there should be a hostile confrontation.

    Huh. That does make some sense.

    3 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    The Brisingr Alliance's next-generation main fighter program started with Uroboros's YF-30 Chronos, which was a derivative of the YF-24 Evolution and YF-29.  They economized the hell out of it, to the point that it's down to around the VF-25's level and could reasonably be mass produced.

    I'm aware. I meant I thought that the YF/VF-28 would be the fighter of a far-off colony world or fleet that was based on the YF-24 Evolution in some later media or background data for Macross, but now I know that I kind of got it wrong and had those two switched. The YF-23 and YF-28 I mean.

    3 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Yeah, they're not using fold boosters when they attack Al Shahal in Macross Delta's first episode.

    The fold effect we see them emerge from is the distinctive one that's used for the ancient Protoculture ship Sigur Berrentzs, so presumably that ship is creating the space fold they're using to get around... possibly an extension of its ability to connect to and regulate the fold network in the ruins throughout the Brisingr cluster.

    Huh. Now that is quite interesting I was actually guessing something like that was happening after rewatching the bit of the series with Delta Flight and Walkure's infiltration of Windermere IV. Nice to see it verified.

    4 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Yeah, the Aerial Knights standard model used by Hermann, Bogue, Qasim, and the twins is the Sv-262Ba while Keith, as leader, has the Sv-262Hs.

    This arrangement is likely something they inherited from the New UN Forces in the ~33 years they were a New UN Government member world.  One of those trends that comes and goes in VF design is whether or not to have a specific "command variant" with enhanced communication capabilities for squadron leaders or platoon leaders.  The members of a unit other than the commander wouldn't need the extra capabilities, so it wouldn't make sense to have an entire unit made up of just command variants if it meant depriving other units of the additional communications/coordination ability.

    On the Sv-262, the actual difference in performance between the regular and command variant isn't very large.  There's a 5% better output from the fold reheat and some additional weaponry in the form of a pair of lasers, but other than that they're largely identical aircraft.

    Shakes head. I always thought the Aerial Knights were using a supped of version of the regular Draken-III till I noticed that the Aerial Knight's Draken-IIIs had the same heads of the regular Draken III used by the unnamed regular Windermere pilots during my latest rewatch of the series. Speaking of which. I found something interesting in some bits about the Delta Scramble game that has pretty much all of the Windermere Pilots are actually Aerial Knights. Keith's Aerial Knight Squadron is just an elite formation of Aerial Knights that are sworn to service of the Windermere Royal Family or something like that. Is that true?

    Also, sorry Seto another quick question. I recall from my previous look through of both this thread and Mecha Talk's Valkyrie Thread about a VF-171 Bloc-III Variant that is actually the Nightmare Plus we see in the Frontier Movies. It is a bit different from that of the VF-171EX from the series. Just wondering if I actually remember it correctly and if you have any further information on it?

  17. 7 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Oh, it's absolutely possible to use fold quartz to boost a thermonuclear reaction turbine engine's performance.

    The first instance of this that was depicted was the YF-29's Fold Wave System in Macross Frontier: the Wings of Goodbye, which enabled the fighter to draw energy out of fold space to supplement its reactor output.  The YF-30 Chronos has an improved version of this technology called the Fold Dimensional Resonance System.  The VF-31 custom Siegfrieds inherited the YF-29's Fold Wave System, albeit apparently with reduced application of fold quartz and seemingly a less extreme performance boost.  These two systems improve more than just the engine output though, they also provide additional power to run things like energy conversion armor and pinpoint barriers in fighter mode.

    The Sv-262 Draken III is, as far as we know, the first production aircraft to include a fold wave performance-enhancement.  Its Fold Reheat is a different, more focused application that exclusively improves engine output... but provides up to twice the percentage improvement in engine performance provided by the Xaos custom VF-31's Fold Wave System (25-30% instead of 15%).  The Fold Reheat is present on both variants of the Draken III, though the Sv-262Hs command specification offers 5% more improvement in output vs. the version on the standard Ba model.

    Huh. I knew about those systems since like mentioned I have been following this thread, read a few bits of sketchley's website, and have read your Valkyrie Thread on Mechatalk a couple times. What I did not know or most likely remember being mentioned were those systems using fold quartz to do all that. So it would it would safe to say that the VF-24 would have similar yet vastly superior system. My head canon is somewhat correct in this. Nice to know.

    11 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Actually, it's one of the longest development cycles in Macross... it took something like 15 years to mature and miniaturize the technology from the start of the YF-24 program in 2040 to the rollout of the Evolution prototype in 2055.  It's a pretty impressive jump, all told.  From 2G for 5 seconds to 27.5G for 120 seconds.

    Groan. I really need to start taking notes of all of these little tidbits of information I find. I thought the first YF-24 was tested a few years before the second YF-24 in the early 2050s maybe very late 2040s. Wait. Project Super Nova was around 2040. Why did they have a YF-24 Program when they were already testing two brand-new fighters?

    15 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Thus far, there hasn't been any mention of a YF-23.

    There is a mention of a possible YF-28 in Macross the Ride in connection with the YF-29 development data Macross Galaxy illicitly obtained from the Macross Frontier fleet via LAI... though ultimately the data was used in the completion of the VF-27.

    Huh. I had them switched then. I had guessed that some far-off Colony Fleet or Colony like the far-flung Brisingr Alliance had received the Evolution specs and started to develop their own fighter based on them. Instead it is linked to the development of the YF-29 instead. Shrug. Oh well.

    22 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Draken III

    You know I have a couple questions about this fighter if you all don't mind answering. First of all, I do not recall them having Fold Boosters equipped when the Aerial Knights did their earlier interventions against Walkure during the early episodes of the series. Therefore, how were they able to fold in and fold out of these battles without an equipped booster? Or did they actually have a booster and I do not notice them when watching those particular episodes. I know that later during the mid-point of the series they started to be carried through Fold Space by a carrier as the war against NUNS began, outside of the Intercept Mission against the NUNS Fleet after Heinz's coronation anyways.

    Second, we know that Keith Aero Windermere piloted the Sv-262Hs variant of the fighter. The rest of the Aerial Knights are piloting the standard Sv-262Ba correct? I would think they would pilot the same fighter as Keith. Since the rest of the Windermere's pilots use the standard Draken III as well and the Aerial Knights are the elite of those pilots therefore should reflect that by piloting a better fighter.

    Anyways. Thanks Seto for all of this interesting info. It is appreciated.

  18. 6 hours ago, sketchley said:

    I haven't read anything about the VF-24 using fold quartz in other places outside of the ISC.  The main limit on manoeuvrability for the Valkyries in the preceding generations was  the G resistance of the pilot's body.

    2 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    As far as we know, that doesn't appear to be the case.

    Shrug. Just a pet theory I had since I did remember reading something about fold quartz being used elsewhere on a Valkyrie. I didn't remember what it was exactly till it was mentioned earlier in this thread about the fold quartz in the gunpod of the VF-27. Then I was like maybe I did actually read that somewhere either earlier in this thread or on Seito's Valkyrie Thread on Mechatalk. Still I wouldn't be surprised if say fold quartz was used in the VF-24's engines to further enhance them or like the Lucifer having it in their weapons. Again just a pet theory/head canon I had really.

    Still though. I am actually curious on how they went from a large ISC from the earlier YF-24 prototype till the second YF-24 prototype which had a smaller ISC that was quite superior all within what a few years if I remember correctly.

    2 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    VF-25, YF-26, VF-27, YF-29, YF-30, VF-31

    You know I never even noticed but we are missing the YF/VF-28. I know that the YF-26 was Macross Olympia's failed entry to Project Triangler and I know that there is a YF-23 mentioned somewhere if I remembers Seito's earlier Generation Chart correctly but I don't think we have clue about a -28 model Valkyrie just yet. Maybe another colony or colony fleet out there created their own derivative of the YF-24 Evolution sometime during or slightly after Triangler. Hmmm... an interesting thought.

  19. 6 hours ago, sketchley said:

    There appears to be fold quartz in the widened tip of the VF-27's beam gun pod.

    What effect that has on anything is unclear (used in enhancing the discharge?  extra capacitor space for charging the beam grenade?  involved with producing/manipulating heavy quantum?), but it may be why the barrel is so long.

    Did not know that. Though I am not all that surprised since a pet theory I have is that the major reason for the non-watered down version of the VF-24 to be superior over that of the Messiah and the other related fighters is that it uses Fold Quartz in other places on the fighter outside of the ISC.

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