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  1. Just now, darkranger12 said:

    That bares the question, What happens when a  NUNS unit goes rogue? Does earth send a response fleet to take it out?

    Considering what happened with Havamarl during Macross 30? Not much. Though due to the whole Ouroboros Aurora Fold Fault I do not think Earth knew what had happened till things were already taken care of by the Ouroboros SMS Branch and the regular Ouroboros NUNS Garrison Forces.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    On a quasi-related note, one detail that's bothered me for a while about Macross Delta is how small the fighter complement of the Macross Elysion is relative to its size.  The Macross Elysion is more than twice the size of the Macross Quarter, and she's a fair bit larger than the standard New UN Spacy Guantanamo-class and Uraga-class space carriers, but carries a fraction of the number of mecha.  The Guantanamo-class carries up to 50 fighters, the Uraga-class up to 75, and the Macross Quarter-class up to 80.  The Elysion's a fair bit bigger in each case, but between the Aether and Hemera it seems to only be carrying 23 aircraft in total.  Just the four 5-plane flights of VF-31s (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta), two training-use VF-1EX's, and the shuttle Walkure uses.  No other fighters like the VF-171EX's that the Pipure branch had.  No unmanned fighters.  Nothing else.

    It strikes me as especially weird since the Macross Elysion is supposed to be the sector command ship for Xaos forces in the Brisingr cluster.  Their biggest stick is a Macross-type that seems to be on the old side and just twenty fighters?  You'd expect a ship that's halfway between a Macross Quarter and full first-gen Macross would be carrying a hundred or so VFs.  The Macross had 300+ when all was said and done, and the movie version had over 500.

    Yeah. I always wondered the same. Which is why in my head canon Alpha, Bravo, and Gamma are all full squadrons instead of just flights. There was also a fourth "grunt" unit which was only mentioned once right before Delta and Walkure started the operation to get to Windermere IV. Theta I believe. Which combined with Gamma kept the Alfheim Garrison busy while Delta and Walkure set up for the operation to get into Windermere IV via portal. I think Alpha and Bravo stayed with the Elysion when it helped out the distraction force at Randall since we see one Karios being saved by a regular Nightmare Plus before being engaged by Keith's Unit. Also, to further your note I do not think the Elysion is seen deploying any Cheyenne IIs at all. In the movie I remember some are seen on the hull of the Elysion and its remaining sister ship, but in the series I do not remember any Destroids at all outside of the regular NUNS units.

  3. Just now, Chronocidal said:

    Either that, or they're some sort of bizarre Gantz crossover.

    Could also be thrusters I guess.. but I have a generally all-around bad feeling about introducing another five singing characters.. from somewhere.  It's not like they didn't have enough characters still waiting for some form of development from the series.. <_< 

    I honestly think it is one Musical AI, like Sharon Apple, just running five different "images" in an effort to counter Walkure. I think there was a theory earlier in this thread when the first teaser came out that Lady M had two main programs for a new Idol for Walkure. The first of course being, the cloning program which brought us Mikumo, and the second, being some sort of new Sharon Apple like AI. With Mikumo being so successful the AI program was halted but now has come back for some reason.

  4. Okay. Do not know why to go for spoilers with only a teaser but still shall follow behind the earlier poster.


    HOLY FREAKING COW! I nearly choked on my breakfast bagel when I saw that bit of the teaser! Are we really get a good-looking in his seventies Max Jenius piloting what looks to be a VF-30?!?! Holy freaking cow! Now I am even more super-hyped for this movie! Freaking Nice. Also earlier in the teaser when Walkure starts their performance then suddenly new girls are shown and I was like wait they are getting competition. Huh. Anyways a great teaser! Cannot wait for this movie to drop!


  5. 6 minutes ago, Gerli said:

    I always wonder if the Northampton Frigates and other spaceship of that size can land on planets or are made only for use in space... We saw some Zentradi ships landed on Frontier, so maybe they have some kind of landing gear...?

    Wasn't there a shot somewhere in Macross 7 which had Northampton Class ships of the Macross 5 Fleet landing on a planet (Rax?)?

  6. 1 hour ago, TMBounty_Hunter said:

    So definitely 2022 at the earliest for a home media release for us filthy gaijins. Ah well

    Or they are going to go with the new trend with anime and Stream on a site somewhere.

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Here's to hoping there's no more pandemic-induced disruptions to the release schedule.

    Don't Jinx it Seto!

  7. 9 hours ago, AN/ALQ128 said:

    Its been a while since I watched Delta, but werent they given some form of combat training, they are still employees of a PMC right?

    Combat Training, yes, weapon training, no. In fact they were in combat situations plenty of times and never used a weapon at all. The closest being their own drones which they used as weapons a few times using them to knock infantry shooters out. Then there was Kaname's claws during their stealth mission to Voldore. I think of Walkure Kaname is the only one who does have some Weapon Training as she was asked that during her flashback to her interview. This was thanks to her home planet being a constant battlefield.

  8. 1 hour ago, Spunky said:

    Even though the tv series ending didn't pair Mirage with Hayate (I gather it's that obvious which side of the love triangle I always supported with that statement hehe), hopefully with this bit of spoiler alert above me and some established scenes between the two, Hayate/Mirage might happen in Zettai Live!!!!!!

    While I do not like how you mentioned it I do agree. I always assumed that with Frejya having such a short live as a Windermerian that Hayate would eventually get in a relationship with Mirage after Frejya's death. Though I cannot help but wonder if the two had any kids what their lifespans would be with being a hybrid Windermerian/Human. That is why I wanted to see a sort of trio emerging between the three. All three knew that eventually Frejya wouldn't be around for long therefore settled in a trio to make things work for the longer aged Hayate and Mirage when Frejya passed.

  9. 5 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Strategic Military Services is a business rival of Xaos's PMC division, and we know both companies apparently have holdings on Sephira, which must be near the Brisingr cluster if Messer was to be transferred to a Xaos office there.  Maybe SMS is moving in on Xaos's turf after Xaos bungled the whole Windermere thing so completely that the enemy were able to conquer the entire cluster.

    (Macross 30's plot starts with Reon Sakaki transporting a YF-25 from the SMS branch on Sephira to the one on Uroboros, and Messer was to be transferred to the Xaos branch on Sephira after his Var problem got out of hand.)

    Huh. I did not know that Messer was going to be transferred to that of Sephira. I need to rewatch that episode again. Thanks.

    Not to mention didn't Aisha had a hand in developing the VF-31?

  10. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Now that'd be entertaining... SMS rolls up and is like "What up scrubs!  Competent mercenaries are here to clean up your mess!" 

    Laughs. Perhaps. Though I wonder the reason for them to appear in the cluster? Maybe the Macross Galaxy is indeed going to be the bad guys in this movie and the SMS arrive due to them kind of searching for the Galaxy during all this time. Or something similar to that.

  11. My guess, is that the YF-29 is not going to be from Xaos or even the Alliance itself, but is actually from the SMS. Since we know from some of the information about the VF-31 is that SMS had a hand in its development through Aisha. So for some reason SMS arrives in the Cluster and ends up in whatever fight is happening between Xaos and our new mystery enemy.

  12. 52 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    In the movie, we didn't see that the 3 Armored Kairos got shot down. The reason why the 3 Kairos didn't made it back to Ragna is that they didn't able to Fold where Arad and Chuck managed to go towards the enemy fleet (Sigur Berrentzs) when it tried to fold. After that we didn't see the Kairos anymore during the last fight in Ragna.

    Also in the series, there wasn't any Armored Kairos featured because the Armor Pack was only shown in the movie version.

    Ah. Then was that the Super Packs then? Could have sworn they called the entire unit the Armored Unit or something to that effect.

  13. 25 minutes ago, Mommar said:

    There are three Armored Kairos in that picture.

    Blink. Oh. That is from the movies which had only Arad and Chuck managing to make it back after the fight on Al Shahal. Both Mirage and Hayate were shot down and managed to sneak on board one of the Windermere Landers which then made it back to one of Windermere's Battleships. In the series there was the four remaining members of Delta Flight and an Armored Kairos in the fifth position on the flight deck of the Aether.

  14. Hmmmm... You know I really, really want to know more about who is piloting that Armored Kairos in the first picture. I believe I mentioned it before but it launches with the rest of Delta, then disappears soon after. My head canon, has it piloted by Robert Kino who takes over from Arad as the person leading the rest of Walkure's fighters in the fight allowing Arad to focus on Delta and fighting against Keith's Elite Aerial Knight Unit.

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