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  1. Just as an update, they have added a couple of extra models that may never have been made before, like the Zentradi Recovery Pod (Quel-Gulnau). Mini's are down to about $1.60 a piece
  2. Sorry if it is somewhat off topic, but this seemed the best location for it. Palladium is doing a kick starter for their Robotech mass combat game, and the models looked very nice and are in the common micro armor scale. Though you diorama folks might be interested in checking it out. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rrpgt/robotech-rpg-tacticstm
  3. My personal favorite for sci fi is the Honor Harrington series, I have read it like 10 times now. The first book, "On Basilisk Station" is available free from the baen website. I also like Pern, the posleen series, and a bunch of the others already mentioned.
  4. A big thank you to BlackAces for helping me to get a hard to find item, with fast shipping!
  5. Ok, I need more info on the garland!
  6. I just recieved mine yesterday from Valk Exchange, and have to say I am pretty please by the toy, other then Quality control. Because of that, the arms do not collapse completely in fighter mode. On the plus side, the engineering on this toy is amazing! EVERYTHING moves, slides, wiggles or something. I think there are more moving parts on it then my car! There are some differances in paint tone between various parts (not just the metal/plastic differance). Typical arm missile problem. The landing gear has to "snap" forward on the legs, takes quite a bit of pressure to do so. I do like how the front gear locks down though. Also for clearance, make sure the hips are at the lowest point. My Fighter does have the arched back syndrome as well, not sure how or even if, I can fix that. The instructions are very nice, as is the box. Very solid feeling toy, but fragile small parts. Here's my ratings Engineering-9/10 Very well thought out design, with lots of features. Sculpt-8/10 Not to shabby for an anime magic mech. Best in Diver mode (guardian) Smoooooothness-6/10 Parts are sticky in some areas, some move to easily Ease of use-7/10 Tricky to transform the first time, but ateast there is no essential part removal. Visual factor-9/10 Very slick looking, legs could use some work in fighter, I like the longer feet. posability-7/10 Fairly posable, but not have had much of a chance to play with it. Overall-7.66/10 Good try, hopeing the next batch corrects the problems people have had. I am looking forward to people having fights with the other 1/55 scale mechs out there
  7. Looking very good! Definetly looking forward to putting several together my self. May have to see about scalling it to 1/48th and setting up a hanger with the Yamatos
  8. Add me to the list of the curious as well. thanks!
  9. I say go for the SDF-1, awsome poster! Too bad I am on the wrong coast
  10. After examining the pictures, it looks like it just may be a bad transformation for the photo's on the chest draging issue. From the line art and other toys, it looks like the MPC's nose is not snapped down into the full "flight" position (possibly due to fear of breakage if this is the final resin piece before production or something). Also, when looking at the hips, it appears that they can be moved forward and up (when views in battriod), which would also help the ground clearance issues as well. Me may get lucky and have 2-3mm of space hunder the chest plate. Leg Joint
  11. Are you sure that is die cast and not the 1/48th scale model?
  12. Not sure where that is from, but it is higher quality then most Btech minis, mainly from the detail of the hip joint. I don't recall any minis made for btech with the hip shaft that long, or the drilled upper legs. It also appears to be more accurate to the monster then the painted behemonth mini. I would love to find out more info on it, or for that matter, own one!
  13. Typical, I go to Japan, planning on getting the Max -1J 48th scale, some 1/60th armor, and other cool stuff I wanted, and it is all pushed back month so I can't get it on my trip! looks like it is time to pay the gods of shipping lots and lots again I want to pick up the ships for use in "full thrust"
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