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  1. Hello, all! It’s been a minute! So judging from the released legal documentation, it appears that HG is relegating themselves into being BW’s international / US distributors. I’m perfectly fine with that. More cheddar to go around. But first thing’s first. It’s past time to build the hype for transforming fighter Jets duking it out against giant aliens. Now, let’s be honest, Western Audiences generally won’t give a damn about the whole “J-Pop as a weapon against world ending doom fleets”. It only worked in the DYRL Macross Movie because the climax was animated (Brilliantly I might add) as a Surreal Waking Dream; sci-fi war violence juxtaposed over a slow melodic cadence (did I mention how brilliant it was?) a feat that has rarely been matched outside of Zack Snyder’s 300 (all the bombast was tempered via gorgeous visuals that seemed painted rather than filmed). Every attempt to repeat that musical magic has merely induced groans worldwide. Macross 7 and Delta will certainly tank, with failing to provide enough narrative meat and wine to drown out the platter of cheese they serve up, dubbed or not. Macross Frontier will deliver on the hype with its mech action and musical highlighting along with some “high school hijinks” bringing in a young female audience; though the Unfinished Endings (there IS a difference between Open Endings and what Macross does) will grate on audience’s nerves after M Frontier with folks expecting either a direct or indirect sequel but getting Delta-ed instead. Re-Releasing Manga Video’s Macross Plus will assuredly pack ‘em in with “The One Who Knocks” Bryan Cranston as Isamu Dyson...’nuff said. If played right, combining both the Macross Audience and giant robot Nostalgia should expand the fan base worldwide enough to create demand for Macross DX re-releases along with Bigger Investors outside of just Japan to ensure any new Macross series can focus on Characters, Storyline and World Building rather than whatever singing teen idol fetish commercial Macross Delta was. Cautiously optimistic but still fanboy giddy inside.
  2. 3rd Party companies would be better invested in making Accessories and Upgrade kits. Imagine if they manufactured Valkyrie heads and packs for VF-1 valks or changing out heads on your favorite valks (I’d gladly switch out the VF-25S head for the Ozma YF-29’s pirate skull) or upgrade / improvement kits like locking neck plates for VF-25 (wink wink, nudge, nudge) or giving Tamashi Da Finger by manufacturing their so called “Web Exclusives” packs and armors. I normally don’t advocate for KOs nor IP theft, but seeing what 3rd Parties have brought to Transformers fans, I wouldn’t protest 3rd parties for custom armors or even weapons. I’d buy.
  3. Agreed. There's definitely a vast difference in taste. I'm giving away my age here, but Macross Delta's mystifying popularity is directly comparable to Ramna 1/2 series of animae. While hugely popular in Japan, it's easy to see why American audiences, aside from culture hipsters who claimed they got Japanese humor, just didn't like it at all. Even animae comics that followed the same story telling styles (Gold Digger, Ninja High School) tanked when readers felt there wasn't any real coherence to any of it. It really is a culture thing.
  4. I just received the order confirmation from HLJ (it should be Monday morning in Japan by now). Crossing my fingers and praying to the Macross Gods that this link is not some kinda joke.
  5. Fraggin' Bandai and this CURSED Macross hobby! First, all the sites state that it's coming on the 20th. Then, outta the blue it all changes to the 19th, completely killing the entire purpose of taking Friday off! Fraggin' unbelievable!! I'm sitting here soaking up the futility! Ah...well. Hopefully, Bandai issues a re-release due to the big sales on this Valk.
  6. I have every confidence that Bandai realizes that they have Underproduced these particular releases especially with the online retailers selling out eyeblinklingly fast along with the the brick and mortar stores. For your information, toy companies don't make their money from us consumers buying them, they make their money from Retailers purchasing them via bulk contracts. I'll even go as far as to say that BBTS, among others having had demand far outstrip their supply and awaiting restock from Bandai (couple this with the Online Exclusives selling out horrendously fast, especially for such a "niche" market) has made things very clear; Bandai has a great opportunity with Macross Frontier. It could be the one line outside of Gundam that makes them "Beaucoup Bones". Remember, the rest of the Skull Squadron Valks will require a greater amount of assembly line retooling than what was required between the Alto and Ozma Valks and as such may be giving Bandai pause; "Should we spend the money retooling the assembly line, or do we gamble on saving a few yen on the chance to make more fast money with a re-issue?" I think the latter will appeal far more to toy execs. It's just better business. Bandai and Big West both seem to grasp what HG hasn't; there's far more money to be made exploiting a market than there is attempting to control it. My money's on expecting an Ozma re-issue soon (maybe with improved joint pins even).
  7. I actually like the tint on my 1/60 V2. I'll definitely give Yamato props for attention to detail.
  8. Graham, thank you for answering our plight. I have pm'ed you (although I may have sent my PM a little late). I have checked my brother's 1/60 VF-1S Hikaru version, and there appear to be stressing on the right shoulder due to knurled pins. If you are able to get more shoulder hinges from your alternate source later on, let us know. I would surely order more. What gets me about the 1/60 Ver. 2s is how Yamato continued to use pins that were knurled at the ends when it's standard operating procedure to use hinge pins that are knurled in the middle to prevent from having the pin simply fall out while maintaining the toy's articulation. How could Yamato get something SOOO Basic that EVERY other toy company (even Toynami) gets right, SO WRONG.
  9. You should buy with the Super Parts. Unlike the 1/48 Super Parts, the 1/60 V. 2's Super/ Strike parts hold very well to Valkyries and don't fall off or apart when converting your figure.
  10. BEST post on this thread by far. I feel the exact same way. What I want from my Yamato Valks is completely different from what I want from my TFs. Period. Both my ROTF Optimus Prime (who's engineering is astounding) and my VF-1 2.0 (Skull Leader ALL da way! ) both fill different niches wonderfully and to have them both made one way or the other simply won't do.
  11. I would to see some non-cannon valk weaponry ala the 1/72, 1/60, 1/48 picture thread.
  12. No. It's not. Once you understand how companies make money off of licensing, Yamato, Bandai, Big West and any other "gathering of the suits", you'll realize that waiting for Kawamori to sign off on EVERY Macross product there is is a lot like stating "Stan Lee has final say on what Marvel products are released." The suits would like Kawamori's blessing, and even summarized collaboration in design, but in the end, the almighty dollar (or yen, in this case) decides who makes what. Also, do yourself a favor, and read this entire thread from beginning to end. Agent-GHQ has, IMHO made a rather strong case for the VF 2SS with all the really cool photos, especially when put up against the VF-4. Others have made strong cases for the VF 17 and 19. The hate displayed against the VF-2SS just sounds way too much like typical Unreasonable Fanboy ranting (for those who are TF fans, I'm sure you can relate to all the Geewunner ranting EVERYTIME Hasbro takes TFs outside the over 20 years old design element).
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