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  1. Big Thanks to BigKid24! THANKS MATE! This laptop is the bombdiggity!
  2. Which show and/or episode number is this from?
  3. Ah I see...then what's so special about the 1D. I mean...it feels different. Is this feeling the POM? BOOOOOOO!
  4. QFT! I won't complain either. I know that I do not own any 1/48s. But that's just because I'm not really into that size. And for the reasons that Dangard Ace just said as well.
  5. Cause Yamato knows we need something to bitch about! Or....their artist was all hopped up on happy time substances and was like "yessss, that's the right one"....or he has never watched either SDFM or DYRL? I agree....but isn't the box for the 1D toon related? I'm not sure...but it seems to be. I do however wish they were rough textured as well. I believe you're prob. right. There are not that many people that care about the packaging. But like GHQ said. I too wish it were rough textured packaging. EDIT - Pic of 1D ox for judgment on how cartoony it is...
  6. They're called "soda pop missiles". They're to help calm & confuse the Zentradi before the battle. Roy - "First deployment....go go go!" Zentradi - "What's this?!? More CULTURE!...HOLY $HIT...THIS CULTURE IS GOOD!" Roy - "Destroy them ALL!!!" Okay...I know I just pulled that out of my a$$. But it sure sounded good.
  7. I would have Even though you have a valid point mate. You should think about how you say certain things. I know that I have had my turn with speaking without thinking it through. Not everyone is going to agree with you...especially when you tell them to pull their heads out of their ass'. Don't get me wrong....I know what you're saying and I understand it. But, some people are not as understanding as I am. DECULTURE!!!
  8. Only 1 transformation. So far so good. *knocks on wood*
  9. Thanks for doing the leg work I look forward to having a "play set" sometime soon!
  10. I can try this...don't know if it will work though. I cannot manually adjust my zoom the way I believe you speak of.
  11. OH MY! Where have I been. I need to search better. This diorama is SWEET looking! I will need to purchase some of the pieces. They're still available??
  12. Cool technique mate! I have never heard of it. I will have to figure out how to do that. Also...Pete...GREAT PICS!!!
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