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  1. Ganbare...The book is done but I'm still short... if you support me witha donation, Mylene beat will be in the update page on FOR SALE & TRADE note that THE BOOK IS DONE!! but I'm still short!!
  2. Thanks so much for the chance, Anonymous, IHATEYOU, only two guys helped on the cause and now our goal is complete http://rapidshare.com/files/257190804/_the...mylene_beat.zip http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=torrentinfo&tid=75714 Thanks guys, see you next deculture.
  3. just for kicks, my project of translating the Macross ace 1 has been switched to "SPANISH" the reason is that Spanish speaking fans are more willing to help rather than the English ones, so as of now, the ACE 1-2 project in english won't be done by me. In other news, MACROSS 7 MYLENE BEAT translated is coming out tomorrow, only 2 fans donated for it, kinda dissapointing that the macross fans of this forum aren't that supporting.
  4. Two more fans needed...book is 30% done....Looking good!!! Looking good!!! http://i26.tinypic.com/152cdn5.jpg http://i26.tinypic.com/33nxqf4.jpg
  5. A big update for everyone including you Bishopcruz.... Translator delivered the script!! It's ready to be worked on and I will try to finish it by next weekend (either saturday july 18 or friday) Assuming ofcourse that we raised the funds by then If you want to help, there are ONLY 4 SLOTS that I need to fill, I won't accept anymore help after that, the names of the kind heroes will be inprinted on the manga for everyone to see. sorry for making you wait on this but here is it, and we need to pay the good job of our KAZUYA, so let me know, thanks
  6. actually four members contacted me that they want to help. Since I do stuff seriously, I refused to accept any money until the scripts are ready, so if you still want to help: *Date of delivery of the scripts: July 15-20 2009 also read my other project about MACROSS ACE Online.
  7. hello, I'm sure I will find the people I'm looking for here. I am Ichido reichan, leader of the private manga service "The wild fang project" what we do is pay translators for manga that's currently unavailiable on the "scans" scene and edit it fast, accurately and making it fun to read. my best friend happens to be a great fan of MACROSS and he requested me in the past to buy this book for him but he wasn't willing to "unbind it" (take it out page by page) so I got it for him and forgot about the issue. But I know he (as all the macross fans) really want to see this book in english, and it would be sort of a gift for him, since he's my best friend, and I'm sure you would find plenty to enjoy with a full edition in english of this legendary book. I'm saying this because I found the book on ebay very cheap, I bought it and as soon as it comes home I will tear it apart so I can get the best scans I can get, to deliver the best version in english you will ever see. I love macross and I am familiar with the macross 7 world but on my group, translators don't work for free, and I have a big group of people that get private scans of books that you can't find on the net (Garouden, Baki the grappler, scarface, Damons) but my group doesn't really like macross so I can't use the funds I got from them and since is sort of a surprise for my friend, you can also participate in the release of this book, so here is a FAQ: -WHAT DO YOU NEED?: I need sponsors, 4 sponsors that can donate 15.00 each via paypal, the book translation cost 43.00, I already paid $10.00 to get the japanese book and after the script is done, it will be two weeks until the book is out, it will have a release date and everyone in the macross community can benefit from it, or it can stay private at the sponsors request. -THIS IS THE INTERNET, HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS NOT A SCAM? why would I be interested to scam people by using such an obscure book like this one? and for so cheap? wouldn't be easier to post pics of fake items and start asking for crazy money for cheap items that doesn't exist? is in my interest to have this book in english more for a friend's token of appreciation rather than financial gain, I will not see a penny out of this project and I will simply be recognized as "the group" that finished mylene beat (due credit to the sponsors ofcourse) -HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS NOT A SCAM? (part 2) Scammers don't have a Paypal account for six years, also my group and the private service have been active for the past 4 years, but don't take our word for it, go where the references are: http://www.mangaupdates.com/groups.html?id=603 www.myspace.com/hanmabaki http://www.onemanga.com/Baki_-_Son_of_Ogre/ http://www.gotlurk.net/?action=dosearch Or pretty much go around the net looking for "the wild fang project" my email is plastered in all our releases -OKAY, LET SAY YOU WILL DO IT, HOW DO WE KNOW YOU TOOK MORE THAN 8 PEOPLE AS SPONSORS? You will, because their names will be inside the pages as the people that made it possible, also you can post here announcing you sponsored the volume, right? I will be officially announcing on a list here the people that officially sponsored the book, a date of release will be announced for all the community and dunno, give me more ideas how do you want to do it -COOL, SO AFTER MYLENE BEAT CAN I ALSO HAVE........? THE MACROSS ACE? sure you can, but if we have enough suscribers, if not, then you won't, but I decided to throw out a nice preview and if it picks up, then cool, if not, then there's nothing I can do about it, I really want it though, I fell in love with the magz. Official list of sponsors: I forgot to add, I don't need the money right away, I need to receive the book and send it to translation, so if you want to participate just sign up for it (send me a PM) and once we send the full version to translation, then we will need the funds so I want to have the team of sponsors ready before we begin the process. STATUS OF THE PROJECT: -Script is done, translator is waiting to be paid, Edition will start in two days, we need the sponsors help now, if we raise the money on time, the date of release will be between July 18-19 Sponsors: -IHATEYOU - Anonymous - -
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