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  1. 8/26/2020 

    Progress Update: Coronavirus sucks

    We have a "Beta" of the full game (At the time of posting, I only had 3 screens functional).


    We have to do beta testing, translate the printing materials and such, we are still at least 6 months away from the final version completed but the wait will be worth it. The game has a lot of fun action and the story is different for any team you choose.

    I will be uploading a video in the general thread in the upcoming days.


  2. I have plans to translate Macross VFX-2 fully in english, also I'm already in the works to translate Macross 7 Gameboy color. Translating Macross 30 is a possibility only if the previous two projects aren't complete failures among fans. (a.k.a no donations)


  3. 8/2/2021


    *As of Monday, August 01 2021, The beta Rom has been 100% completed and it's on a physical cartridge. A video will be posted showing you the work in progress.
    There are many bugs found that freeze the game, you can skip them by pressing "start" but the game is currently not on a satisfactory level to be sold yet. 

    We expect for this project to be finished in 3 months 


    I have the game rom fully translated, I'm in the process of debugging but our beta is 100% functional, Soon, we will work on the manual and box art to be shipped to our customers.

    Translator was paid, programmer will be compensated at the end of the project and we just need one person....YOU.
    This is a direct crowdfunding project to have a full replica of this game in english (box, manuals, game in english. Graham, how much you paid for that japanese repro?)
    I always loved this game and now that we have skilled people, affordable resources and fans of Macross. I want to reach whoever is interested in owning a very interesting game that never made it past the japanese market. Time to dust of your gameboy colors (or buy a new one) because This game is worth owning (in english, made and translated with love for a fan that played the game way too much)


    Tier 1: $60.00 [the Game] (1) one full set:  Cartridge tested, box and manual ALL IN ENGLISH (Limited run of 20 )

    [Other tiers have been canceled due to lack of interest]

    Pm me for more details, Delivery is expected when the printed materials are ready and the Rom is fully playable in its final revision.

    If you have questions, post them and I will answer them here.


    -Limited run, they won't be for sale after.

    -The money will be used to pay the translator, compensate the programmer, print materials and pay for the cart production.

    -I've been a member of Macross world for 10 years.
    -I've successfully completed various translation projects with macross world members before (Manga: Mylene beat, , many macross videos subbed etc)


    macross 7 test.jpg

    macross 7 test02.jpg

  4. Hello my Macross Fellows, Ichido Reichan here:

    I'm working on an English patch for MACROSS 7 "Let's take on the heart of the Galaxy" The game is text intensive because it has different paths and dialogue, depending what "team" of characters you'll get.

    I paid a translator some good money for a comprehensive translation and I wanted to ask for anybody that would like to sponsor financially the project so it is not so taxing on my part.

    Pm me and I guarantee you that the project will be done and your credits will be added in the game itself. No money is needed upfront until the project is done :)


    If this is successful, I plan to do a full "Game-sub" of MACROSS DIGITAL MISSION VF-X2 and that will enhance your enjoyment of the game much more.



  5. A full collection of Macross ACE for sale here, also bonus:

    -120.00 shipped: Macross ACE from 001 to 008 (two copies of 008)

    006 is still sealed, never read,

    Note that Macross ACE 001 is "unbinded" for a project that didn't get to see the end of it.

    As bonus, I will include 3 "Macross the first" volumes (Unbinded) and a Gundam 2010 Calendar.

    If interested in pics, PM me.

  6. Graham, I've been checking this forum, emailing you, pm'ing you and this was gone before it even started, for a full year I have been trying to get these stupid hinges, you kept us all in the dark until I had to arrive one day and you didn't even email me, thanks for nothing, you never even responded my pms, sorry but you get no thanks for me, I believe you could have organized this much better but oh well, I guess I was number 300 in a line of 30 hinges, so the only thing I have to thank you is for all the time lost, hopes broken and your stupid decisions at the last minute.

    thanks for the bitter memories.

    mission accomplished my ass.

  7. Alright guys, my macross ACE got to go, it was fun but I'm selling them really cheap.

    130.00 plus shipping for:

    -Macross Ace all issues (1-8, 8 issues)

    -as a bonus REVOLTECH VF-1 ROY FOKKER transformable.

    (Please notice)

    -Issue 1 is unbinded (pages are in order but unglued)

    -Issue 5 has a few stickers out (though minmay and Misa hayase stickers are still there.

    -Issue 6 is still factory sealed.

    Besides these details, the magazine are in excellent condition.

    if you need pics let me know.

  8. Hello fellow Macross fans.

    I have 2 issues of MACROSS ACE 1 (30.00 mint, sold out everywhere) and MACROSS ACE 8 (latest)

    Both of these in mint condition, 60.00 shipped.

    This is the perfect buy for the one that started collecting MACROSS ACE late and can't find the first issue.

    here we help you out with the first issue AND the latest issue.

    soon I will post an ENTIRE run of MACROSS ACE, so stay tuned for that.

  9. I see, it wasn't yours :)

    I sold my very own, missiles and planes complete for 120, it was loose, and I found another one with only one ship, so I guess I have to get the other one.

    what this guy's doing probably is selling the core piece and the two ships separately to fetch more money, it sucks but is the way it is :)


  10. I already sent this to another member here, but I guess he didn't buy it so here's the link!

    Takatoku SDF-1 Parts

    And as for the gakken mospeada, how much are you looking to buy one? I have one that has the rider and bike, but the bike is not a 100% mint, but it's not broken either. I also might have parts. Let me know if you would like the loose one I have and let me know what parts your looking for to repair yours.

    Auch!! 100 dollars for daedalus and prometheus? sorry but that's a little overpriced since the Takatoku SDF-1 loose goes for around 90.00 - 130.00 complete, I can give you 20.00 or 25.00 for that set, that'll seem about right in my estimates.

    as for the Gakken Legioss, I need the blue Right arm and loose gun if you want :)

  11. Thanks for the update on those. I was about to buy one too, but I'm glad I held off. Looks like no Hikaru for me for a while.

    say you want to order your pieces at hobby link japan...


    Thank you for writing. We are terribly sorry, but we are no longer able to help with support or replacement parts for a Yamato toy that was not purchased from HobbyLink Japan.

    Again, we're very sorry. We appreciate your understanding."

  12. That isn't what I meant though. Like, at all.

    If you watch the first few episodes of SDFM TV, you know pretty much EXACTLY what happens in Macross the First. You don't HAVE to read the words in order to understand what's going on. Just watch the show, and then look at the pictures in the book. Pretty much all of us here know the story by heart anyway.

    So yeah, if weren't talking about, I dunno, Macross 7 Trash or something...then yes, I can understand not wanting to buy it if it's not in English...but Macross the First...?

    And be as it may, I am working on the second, not the first...THE SECOND volume of Macross the first as we speak, the morals of this board does not and have never influenced anyone to obtain whatever they wanted to begin with, call it pirate effort or not, we should not support any macross comic effort because is not intended for us (the occidental audiences) to begin with, and F*** the japanese economy!! they have taken plenty of money of merchandise out of me, they want my money, they gotta print the english book IN JAPAN, to get me GOOOLD!!, otherwise, Im doing it myself!.

    Do you care if "Friends" or "Seinfeld" is pirated in Osaka or Kyushyuu? Imagine your random japanese guy here

    Ohh!! we shall not take seinfeld-san hard earned money by copying his work, seinfeld may not come out anymore!!"

    Exactly, they don't give a flying YF-21 (AKA a piece of SH*t) because they don't care, if they were to care, they would have licensed it, Harmony gold care cause is robotech, but Harmony gold has worldwide robotech rights but they do not have designs rights beyond the actual tv show, that's why MACROSS THE FIRST will NEVER, NEVER, NEEVEEERR!! be licensed outside Japan.

    And mind you, THE FIRST is a new legend, anticipating the re-encounter of the SDF-1 that will return with Minmay, Hikaru Ichijo and all the crew ALIVE (minus Roy 'nuff said) so that's why is there in place.

    and I once offered a subscription based project cause I need money, not for me, for the translators since you don't work for me for free, why someone else should work free for you?

    But I will be releasing for my private group only my volumes of MACROSS THE FIRST, not cause I wanna protect the rights of the authors, is because I don't wanna give the cheapazees (misspelled intentionally) the satisfaction of reading it if they haven't paid a penny, well you guys got to enjoy MYLENE BEAT done by me so that's all you get.

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