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  1. Pacci

    Hi-Metal R

    +1 with all this comment
  2. Pacci

    Macross figures

    Thank you very much for your explanation mate. It is a pity that this is not a regular release, I believe that people would buy multiples to form armies... I just hope that Bandai decides to make them at S.H.F ... I would immediately buy all the versions...
  3. Pacci

    Macross figures

    +1 When will it be available to buy?
  4. Pacci

    Hi-Metal R

    +1 let's go Bandai, just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. New mold: better canopy, more long, not short like Yamato's design...
  6. Pacci

    Hi-Metal R

    I hope/desire separate toys...
  7. Pacci

    Hi-Metal R

    +4 great news!!! thanks Bandai!
  8. Does anyone know who originally painted this picture? I always wanted to know...
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