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  1. Hello, First of all search the forum threads because i'm certain that there is a similar topic with techniques that may prove useful to you. Below there are some links containing tools n tips, how to's etc: ARC forums HOw to Swanny's Models Modelling madness I hope these will help you!!! Good luck with your models!!!
  2. Keep up the good work. I'm also building the same model bought a few months ago from Hobbylink jappan!!!! In what color are you going to paint it?
  3. Thanks everybody for your answers!!! I found these links very useful. I started building the kit but unfortunately i lost today a polycap joint and now i'm scanning the room for it....Anyway i hope that it's not lost or else i might be in great trouble..
  4. Thanks for your answer. Basically i am searching for the colors of the valkyrie. I was expecting that inside the instructions sheet i would find the colors needed just like any other model i build. I was disappointed by the fact that everything was in japanese. Anyway i hope that i'll find any useful information here. Where can i find translated translations you mentioned before?
  5. Hello guys! This is my first post! I recently purchased this valkyrie fighter that can transform into gerwalk, battroid and fighter modes. Unfortunately the instructions are in Japanese and I cannot find the painting instructions. Does anyone know what colors I need to build this one found here? Either FS code or the color code of any company would be useful... Thanks a lot and sorry for using links but unfortunately the photo was huge!!! :rolleyes:
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