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  1. ARGH!! I need assistance!! Just got the 30th Anniversary PG RX-78-2 (Extra Finish), and I've completed the head unit... but... it won't light up!! brand new battery installed,and correctly, too. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!! Please send me PMs with any you might have! Thanks, R
  2. Are you sure? In TSR, they regularly hint at Al's sentience. Most of the time, Al's admonishing Sagara for not living up to his potential, and quizzing him on what he means by a particular statement. When Sagara tells Al to look it up, Al takes that in stride. For me, that's a definite hint at the AI's sentience (Something that the Lamda Driver probably gives). In addition, there's a strong conversational tone between Sagara and Al during the last fight, where the two seem to almost be arguing (Or, in the tradition of super-hero duos, what might be called 'playful banter'). As an aside, in the TSR movie 'The Captian's Boring Day' (I hope that's the right title), Al's using tactical information supposedly relating to the simulation being run to play-by-play Tessa's appearance on the 'hangar' deck, adding a smart-ass wuality to the overall image of Al. For me, it added another level to the scene's overal comedic value, and another plus to those that created this particular franchise. I'm just sayin'...
  3. I've always lked this one... This one's pretty good, too. There used to be one that had Macross Frontier footage coupled with Dragonorce's 'Valley of the Damned', but that one seems to have been removed... Such a shame.
  4. I got one hell of a laugh out of this. Bender as a Gundam! http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=389350&title=action-delivery-force&xrs=synd_facebook
  5. Well, it's not like HG had any choice in the matter, since those bioroid designs were in the OSM. HG has neither the talent or imagination to come up with anything like an original concept, so they have to use what they have access to. Gads! Am I actually defending HG? I hope not!
  6. Same here. Aside from a slight mis-casting for Yan Newman, and the slight dialogue glitch when the commander's giving the speech about each plane (when he mis-speak's the name of the plane's producer), I found it to be excellent.
  7. Unfortunately, I saw something else in that poster... "Robotech: SSDD" (BTW: They decided to stop calling it the Macross Saga, The Masters Saga, and the New Generation? Strange, since HG supposedly 'improved' eah and every one of those individual 'sagas' by stitching them together.)
  8. You forgot to add that Gene Roddenberry saw (and was influenced by) RT through a rip in the space-time continuum. It's a well-known fact, after all. I mean, anti-matter warp drive is really just Protoculture-driven Fold drive in disguise. I mean, how could Gene tie those three different sci-fi space exploration shows together? It was just pure coincidence that they had ships that looked EXACTLY THE SAME! And the cast was the same between these three shows? Just a happy circumstance, after all. OHHH!!! Let's not forget George Lucas! Princess Leia? Pure Minmei clone, dude!!! (Okay, I gotta stop... otherwise, I'll yak up my lunch.)
  9. I can relate. There's something that I remember from the time before I was exiled from the site. There were quite a few of the hard-core RT-fan elite that would take any sci-fi release in the alst five years, and try to spin it as living proof of the RT-LAM. Take, for example, the following titles. Transformers/Transformers 2 District 9 Avatar The Last Airbender And at least one game title by the name of 'C&C-Red Alert 3'... Now, the introduction of each of these titles was used to show that the RT-LAM was coming, and also, each of them was used to show the supposed influence that RT had on each and every one of them. Now, I'm sure that there's someone else out there that could explain this better than me, but I simply bring it up as fruther proof od the collective psychosis that permiates that particular fandom.
  10. So, you're using established characters, then? Interesting. Not something that I'd do, but that's a question of personal preference, isn't it? I like the pic. It's gotten me interested in your story even more. WE NEED A LINK, STARSCREAM!
  11. I'm looking at it, and the first thought that comes to mind is 'crowded'. I can barely see that ARMD in there, but not much else.
  12. Starscream, that's pretty impressive. Here's a pair of symbols that I have for mine. The first is one that I designed, and the second is one that a friend/fan did for me.
  13. Whenever I hear these statements, I'm taken back to a high school class on the use of illegal drugs. It was said that Alcohol and Tobacco were the 'gateway' drugs, leading into harsher stuff like weed, cocaine, heroin, etc. WEll, the same could be said for RT. It's the 'gateway' anime that a lot of folks had back in the day, including me. It led the way to the proper appreciation of Macross, as well as opening the door to other titles, like Gundam (and that other Gundam, the Gundam that's not really Gundam, and the Gundam that's sorta like Gundam, but not really), and a whole lot of other stuff. Seriously, though, for my own part, I look at a lot of these people that hang on to RT for the nostalgia value, and I wonder "Why? For F***'s sake, WHY?!?"
  14. Anything's possible. With the right execution, it could probably be a damn good story. If you've got a link, I'd look forward to a sample.
  15. This post will probably get ignored like all the others I put in the thread, but... HG sucks. That's all there is to it. There's only so many ways to say it. (BTW: It was the Mutara nebula)
  16. And not one mention of Yoko Kanno... What a shame...
  17. People, people, people... Robotech's LAM has already been produced, and is considered one of the most wildly successful science fiction movie titles ever created! The only reason that it didn't take any oscars is that the creative folks at HG thought that the oscars were beneath them! So, without fruther ado, let me introduce you to the all-time Sci-Fi/Anime/SciFi/Cyberpunk/SciFi action thriller of all time: The Robotech Live-Action Movie!
  18. Well, when I was but a wee wipper-snapper, I liked the original series, and wa absolutely amazed at the original Cylon Centurions. That's why I was sceptical, at first. WEll, with nothing else to watch, I decided to try it today, and I can firmly say that I'm hooked.
  19. I just caught a couple of eps on BBC-America, and I have to say, this is much better than I thought it would be. Ever since 'Dune', I've been constantly let down by the crappy production standards that Syfy (whatever spelling they're using) used, but to be honest, this show is getting to be very interesting to me.
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