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  1. Nice. I'll have to keep an eye on this forum to find out when they come out. I wanted a VF25 after Frontier, but I'd like a VF31 more!
  2. Is this a transformable toy, like the old VF-1s (where wheels are contained in the nose and legs for when fighter mode), or is it a model kit you need to put together but can assemble in one of the 3 modes?
  3. At 52, long gone to wind. And my eldest daughter at 25 likely married, and starting to get a tad patchy in places.
  4. Well, all that matters is the end story. I can tolerate the knife version since they had limited resources for animation. I think the DYRL version has more snazz, and granted a bigger budget. One wonders what we might have seen had SDFM had the resources/budget of the movie for each episode, or even the resources and technology of Yamato 2199.
  5. BChoinski, on 05 May 2016 - 10:02, said: Actually they first met face to face going head to head on a tabletop video game. Which is the way all young lovers met in the 80s. It was totally awesome, dude. I am aware of that, but that is not the point their eyes and hearts locked on; it was after the knife fight (SDFM) and after the battle on the Meltrandi ship (DYRL).
  6. I meant retconned from original SDFM, given the final wedding scene there (which was not in DYRL). But yea, after DYRL the ears were in as a marker for Zentraedi blood. I do like that they went with the DYRL meeting instead of the Series one... falling for a one's match or equal is cooler with Mecha instead of that lame knife fight.
  7. So is the fuel in the tanks just there for the fusion engines, and perhaps for propellant we draw mass from SD space an expel it?
  8. Especially since it episode 5 it looks like they retconned in the ears on Milia; though the scene is a-la SDFM.
  9. Babylon 5 had a nod to this with the Starfuries -- the cockpit was at center of mass (more or less)
  10. That's also what I am wondering. Like in the Gulf War, our air power ruled the skies, but you need manpower to hold the ground. How much population can an effective ice planet support, and of that how much can go into troops? How can one planet control multiple planets of population? That said, I liked Hayate's Gerwalk dancing (well, given that the Gerwalk is my favorite form...). I really need to get a good VF-31 (not a model, the plastic and metal transforming figures, 1/60 or 1/72 scale like my old VF-1), and probably the Draken as well. Looks like it might be an expensive year.
  11. Perhaps they shunt the heat energy into superdimensional space? Overtechnology seems to involve transfer back and forth, possible to open a pinhole fold and dump the heat in some manner?
  12. I thought that was what he meant (in the subs) "return to branch" in the second episode, as the code word or name of their carrier.
  13. If we know the size of the Valks, can you use the ones on the deck as a measure? The deck looks longer than the quarter's from frontier, and hence the whole ship would be larger.
  14. Just saw #2. I'm still jazzed fro the season. The preview was good for music and mecha, #1 tightened it up nicely. Not as hip on the OP as I was for Triangular, but after the second or third play it's starting to grow on me. Still high on the valk designs...the "max and millia" snap in the opening with Hayate and Mirage is nice, not sure if I want a blue or a red VF31. The Elysium is awesome. I think it looks bigger than a quarter, though. I liked the touch of the core city on Ragna being based on the colony city. It makes sense. So far, no characters have rubbed me the wrong way. Freya has the personality Ranka SHOULD have had and does not seem like such a load, and Hayate is not as angsty as Alto, so he is on the plus side as well. Still neutral on Mirage, and most of the rest of the characters need to make their case, though the flight commander and the Captain of the Elysium have my nods so far. Good counter-point to #1, and I can't wait for #3.
  15. Finally saw it and my first impressions are that I will enjoy it. I think the character designs are fine, the valk action is pretty good, and the songs and BGM were good. I would have liked to see the opening and bumpers, to compare to MF, but I understand since it's a glimpse of Ep 1. The holographic "Magic Girls" stuff was not as bad as some people made it out to be, and I liked those boomerang drones.
  16. I'm jones-ing... Just watched Frontier 7 and 25...if the action and music is at least as good I'll be happy. If there are characters I can care about and root against, I'll be ecstatic. If it comes wrapped in a decent plot to boot... It is going to be a long 3+ months.
  17. I'm sure I can watch and enjoy the raws, but my hard-wired-english brain will be much more thrilled with subs. I do look forward to kibitzing with everyone as it proceeds...I was too late for any Frontier episode discussion threads.
  18. Man, you guys are killing me. I'm praying for a sub to come down the lines soon, but then it's months for real!
  19. I love the rewatch flashback. Honestly, the original animation has not aged well for me (though I just watched DYRL again just now, love the classic love story there). I would kill for a "Yamato 2199" treatment for Macross, done with love and care! Are you planning to do it all, or just SDF Macross?
  20. I'm glad you have this up. I'm going to enjoy going over it again in the coming weeks with your notes and kibitzing.
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