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  1. I am basically looking for some sort of Zentraedi warrior/captain figure, and don't want to resort to getting the old model kit or the Matchbox version. Does anybody here have any ideas of where I can find one? If you got one, or info on how to go about getting one, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks

  2. Nope! I've been looking for over 2 years now and have come up with bupkis...

    I've only seen pics, but never for sale either. Just sucks. And the chances that we'll ever find one for less than $100 is slim to none. Might as well get the 1/60. It might be cheaper! I just wish the Max version was the "exclusive" and the Kakizaki was available. I never liked the tv max color 1A

  3. The one that really works is with hydrogen peroxide. But eventually, the toy gets yellowed again.

    I heard that tears down the plastic somehow. Not sure if that's true, but it's an expensive price to pay if it does screw it up. I've been eyeballing that subject for years now, and it just scares me to no end. But in the end, it is just toys.

  4. Paying high prices for the reissue makes absolutely no sense to me considering the quality of the older Japanese versions is far superior. Sure there's the yellowing issues, but I will forever hunt for the REAL oldies. Sure, if you can get a reissue for cheap, go for it! Otherwise, it's just not worth it in my book. Oh, and plus the joints on the reissues get awfully loose, real quick. Something I don't ever worry about on my old version.

  5. Spoilers, highlight to reveal:

    ||| The Islanders were direct descendants of the Protoculture, and still had their blood. The "Birdman" was to be the final judge placed by the Protoculture to see if the planet was worthy of being allowed to live, or should be destroyed for the sake of intergalactic peace.

    Although Sara and Mao seemed to have precognitive abilities, they never knew anything before a simple radar would have detected it. The "Birdman" just sent them a warning whenever hostiles were detected to those with the proper DNA/Blood to receive the mental warning.

    Same when Sara was "piloting" the "Birdman", it evaluated hostiles, and projected a combat HUD directly into her mind to the best of her limited understanding. Hostiles were nasty looking bad. She points em out, it kills 'em. |||

    Arthur C Clarke: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. "

    Living in peace was the original reason in DYRL as to why the Earth was seeded.

    Yeah, they should make more Zero stuff. I wouldn't mind one of those early gun emplacement destroids.

    Agree about all the Mechs. By the way, between the III in your post, is there suppose to be a pic there? It isn't showing if so.

    Personally I liked 0 a lot. I think people got really confused with the AFOS and decided that it was magic. But the fact is that it was all alien technology that was interacting with Sarah and the Mayan people. I always compare it to the old days when steam tech came into play with the churches in the ancient world. People thought it was mystic when they would step on the entry plate to the church and the doors would open up automatically. People would say it was an act of god or a mystical magical thing. The thing they did not understand was that there was a lot of the machinery and steam power at play.

    As far as I can tell, Mac 0 was not very popular in Japan for some reason. It seems to me that it is more popular outside of Japan.

    Yeah, it's really weird how in Japan they tend to generally like real dry boring anime (along with their movies), while all the action based stuff is kinda shunned. Samurai Champloo is a very good example of that. Plus my cousin lives in Japan, and he pretty much confirms this to be the case.

    By the way. If anybody is going to get up in arms about me stating this, I'm simply pointing out how different cultures perceive things. Nothing else.

  6. Of course I love the original like all of us do. But I gotta say that I am extremely bummed out of the lack of Macross Zero material. Sure we got a few things (very few compared to other series) like the VF-0 master files book, and a couple Yamato toys, but not nearly as much as any other of the series.

    The absence of a Zero book (besides the masterfiles book) is mind blowing and should have never been passed over as it has.

    This is my favorite, and probably the best (my opinion of course) series. Way better than Frontier (again, my opinion), but you not see ANY lack of material for it.

    No character sheets, no mech layouts, no concept art. Nothing!

    Does anybody here feel the same?

  7. I have one that is in perfect condition. Transformed to battroid once and straight into the professional display case. I still have the box and everything with it.

    I am looking to trade it or a

    Bandai 1/100 Hi-Metal VF-1A.

    Bandai old school 1/55 VF-1A original (not reissue) in box

    Masterpiece cyclone

    Or whatever you have to offer.

    Or sell for $120 plus shipping.

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