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  1. Man I cannot wait for this. My VF-1 broke a few months after it came out and I never really commited to any of the reissued shoulder joints but I'll gladly buy these. It definately would be nice if they were in different colors but the fact that I can finally take my Valk out of fighter mode makes me giddy.
  2. I recently had my VF-1A's right shoulder hinge broken. I already glued the crack but the shoulder moves way too loosely now, so i'll probably need a new one. I'd take pictures but I don't really have a decent camera and it'd be hard to see the crack now that its glued anyway.
  3. Hm well the hinges are the ones that hold the metal piece where the fuselage slides on. Basically the ones next to the head on the left and right side. I'm not that worried about it completely breaking since the plastic seems fairly think. Maybe i'm just doing something wrong or something. Well its ok now, and its not stopping me from transforming or getting more VFs, but its just something I wanted to get out there.
  4. This is a question in general for any V2 valks, but i noticed a crack on one of the hinges that hold the chest and fuselage together and a slight stress mark on the other hinge. I've glued them but has anyone else had that problem? I guess i'm just applying too much force since its kinda difficult to pull the fuselage out and in.
  5. Just use a small amount of paint thinner i guess. It might just be me but the rainbow paint barely shows up when you see it in person.
  6. What do you mean by floppy? Do the legs wobble when you shake the 1D? If so thats pretty lame since my only 1/60 v2 doesn't have that problem.
  7. Its mostly all animation errors.
  8. I also love how you can literally customize these birds however which way you or I want. Like for instance, if i really wanted to, i could put a strike pack on a 1D. The only thing I don't like is how freaken difficult it is to pull out landing gear. I always have to use my tweezers under the wheel to help pull it out.
  9. Might be my eyes but i think yamato's v2 looks pretty darn close to the tv version. I know when i get the money i'm getting one for sure from overdrive.
  10. Folka

    Yamato stands

    Has yamato put out an estimated price on these guys?
  11. Is it me or does it look like this guy added on side covers?
  12. Folka

    1/48 GBP-1S Set

    I can't wait till a 1/60 GBP-1S set comes out =(
  13. Folka

    yamato's next move

    I believe he recommended a list of his own concerns and that VF-4 wasn't quite at the top of his list, but says that yamato will be doing some interesting stuff.
  14. Folka

    yamato's next move

    Hopefully this means that a VF-4 is on the way. I think I'll cry manly tears for yamato if they can deliver on this.
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