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  1. She looks good! And you have to really appreciate the natural progression of these suits.
  2. If there's a better way to detect a drug addict, then there's a better way to get around it.😉 And I agree whole-hardheartedly about the Romulans not being that at risk from the super nova. Writers conveniently forget that they are a multi-system empire, with hundreds of worlds upon which to relocate their capitol. Same as in ST IV, ST 2009, as mentions previously. They take the easy way out, rather than putting in the work for a convincing and solid history for their story to reside in. So far Season 3 is staying away from that which is for the better.
  3. Junkies have been known to hide their habit, and they can be pretty good at it, at least until everything finally blows up. And apparently Raffi turned to drugs along with her husband, which would be a hellish co-dependency all the way to the bottom. And yes, though it is a utopian society (or was during TNG) that doesn't mean everyone succeeds in it - or chooses to remain in it. People are often jarring and non-sensicle. And again, I see only two people currently being miserable, and that's Seven and Raffi. Seven because she's serving under an officer with a grudge who goes so far as to force her to use her pre-Borg name (how that's possible, I don't know) and apparently spends most of his time in his quarters while still managing to micro-manage her every move. And Raffi whose out on the fringe, alone except for an text-messenger and surrounded by the very things she's trying to keep away from.
  4. Is this a different ship than the one Riker left Enterprise to command? I haven't been able to find any thing that states it is or it isn't. Yes, Lower Decks has a Luna class Titan and I think Prodigy may as well, but are these set in the same universe or are they doing their own thing? Was the Luna-Titan destroyed and Riker and Co just moved to the Neo-Titan, and then he retired? Considering that Shaw had to remove Riker's mix-tape from the Neo-Titan's computers, that's the one I'm going with. And considering how hero ships usually go out, I'm assuming Luna-Titan went out in a true blaze of glory. As for characters having normal lives after exemplary events, there's nothing wrong with that, and in fact would be quite normal. TV fictionalizes and expands on momentous events for the dramatic effect, but if a person had to live with a series of world/universe altering events every week, they'd be burned out and retiring early! So yes, after Nemesis, they went their separate ways and had normal lives and careers, for the most part. Picard has had at least four command slots, which is a lot for any one person, esp if they are all long duration commands like Stargazer and Enterprise D-and E, which meant he was in command of ships for 46 years! That he decided to finally accept promotion and do something else is not surprising. Riker went on to command Titan (perhaps two ships) before becoming an Admiral, and after the death of his son retired to concentrate on family. He then accepted demotion to captain in order to command the Zheng He, and then I guess went back into retirement. LaForge may have had a command or two in the intervening twenty years, as we know some alternate timeline versions of him did, I guess including being a yard foreman at Utopia Planetia, before becoming curator of the fleet museum. Beverly Crusher, we don't know yet why she hid the fact that she and Picard had a son, or why she disappeared for twenty years. I'm hoping there is a very good reason for it! But we do know in that intervening time she was preforming humanitarian efforts, both legal and not while raising their son. People go on and do different things, that's just normal. Even the most elite have to take down time. And I would hardly say that they are (all) miserable. Picard was feeling bored and looking for a new adventure, presumably with Laris. Riker may be having some troubles at home, but that doesn't mean miserable. Seven is, because she's under the command of an obvious bigot and that seems to be aggravating the feeling of being tied down by Starfleet rules and regulations. I'm hoping she get's Titan before the end of the season, as I think she is a person who does much better when in control, rather than following along. But if they all had happy-go-lucky lives, that would be pretty boring, and not really realistic.
  5. That's looking like a cool hot-rod!
  6. Inconsistencies aside, I'm liking it so far. I am pleased that Picard is only there... As to the Titan-A, I like the design. Yes, it has more classical lines than the 'current' era, but Riker does say that it is a refit. A refit of what, I don't know, as there is some confusion as to whether this is the Titan he left Enterprise to command, or a replacement ship for that one. Shaw does make reference to having trouble cleaning his selection of jazz from the computers, so I wonder if they are going off on their own design for the Titan. It's a questionable choice as really all they had to do was just name it something else, like Hornet, and it would be a non-issue. But oh well. Looking forward to episode three.
  7. Yeah, me neither. No interest in the bear and no interest in any other. For me, it's just like another Sharknado movie.
  8. Same here, if only because the Wave is just so dang pricey!
  9. Looks like it's time to remake TLoTR trilogy!!😆 But they need to re-use the original cast but in new roles, so I need to see Viggo Mortensen as Gimli!😁
  10. The main canon aren't even primed yet, and I'm already blown away! Sweet!
  11. Cue Vizzini from the Princess Bride!😀
  12. Looks incredible. But you guys know that is Mt Doom right..?
  13. I'll take that miss-cast off your hands, no problem!
  14. @derex3592 With those pics, it wouldn't be too hard to scribe or draw the lines for the doors in the closed position. If you wanted to.
  15. Sad news indeed. You helped define the childhoods of a generation and more of kids and adults as well. Thank you for creating a universe that I really wanted to play in. Safe journey into the thereafter.
  16. Aargh, a typhoon is 'comin! Did that model come with the Caterpillar drive?
  17. That is one beautiful VF-4, @Bolt! If I ever do mine, I hope it comes out half as good. @Urashiman I try to steer clear of panel scribing! Or if I have to, use the raised lines (if they are) already there as a guide. On the Akagi, I finished the first little modification. Actually, the first was even getting a lower hull for this waterline kit! It came without, so I had also bought a Hasegawa full deck Akagi just to steel the lower hull from it. (It has since been sold off as a waterline kit.) And since I also have another Fujimi's 1/700 Akagi, I compared the bottoms after thinking that Hasegawa's was a little too flat and featureless. And there is a notable difference. Fujimi's has a longer, more gentle curve, whereas the Hasegawa is flatter and with a far sharper 'drop.' The keel ridge also doesn't go as far. I could leave it, but since I would eventually plan to have them side by side, I figured a closer resemblance is better. It's also a little long compared to the upper hull, but I'll just sand that excess off. But first, I added a strip of styrene that will be blended in, and then hit both sides with sanding sticks. (The bottom hull in the pic is the Hasegawa part.) At the end, the slope is far longer and looks a lot better, and less toy-like. And with that done, I can now get to the first step in the instructions!😁 Thom
  18. @505thAirborne Going to be neat seeing those refurbs. @arbit That is a nice pose for Max.
  19. Those are some fly boys you want on your wing! And yeah, even though I haven't finished my Battlestar Pegasus, I'm cracking out another kit! In 1922, the Washington Naval Treaty was signed to put a cap on the number of dreadnought-type warships being fielded by the most powerful governments. Battleships and battlecruisers from the major powers were scrapped, while a few were altered during construction, turning them into carriers. For the US it was the Lexington class, Lexington and Saratoga, and for the Japanese it was the Amagi class, Amagi and Akagi. Amagi never made it to completion, having been damaged during and earthquake, so only one of the four that started out as the Amagi class was finished, the aircraft carrier Akagi. I've had it in mind to build the Akagi in all three phases of her 'life,' the intended battlecruiser version, and both carrier phases, the double deck version and the final, full deck carrier that served as the flagship during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thankfully, Fujimi actually made a model of the IJN Amagi, the 'what-if' battlecruiser, and so that is where I am starting, building this as the Akagi as she was originally intended. Thom
  20. That is a real beaut you have there! Wonder what that gunpod would look on the spine, firing straight between the canards..?
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