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  1. I think it's cool that there are more companies tackling Macross products, but this is looking pretty rough. At least they seem to keep the lines of communication open.

    I guess the VF-1 Valkyrie is just very difficult to get right. Lotta nuance in the design.

  2. 17 hours ago, sqidd said:

    Great, more "reviews" that aren't reviews. I'd really like to see a REVIEW in English.

    Same here. I've already heard about some breakages. Not dropping the cash if it's gonna explode in my hands.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    The first round is already on offer... the worldwide Macross VF-25.

    That looks like a great one-off piece. I really like the deco they chose for it. I'm mainly a fan of the VF-1 (I know, I know. Boring) but I might pick up that VF-25 Anniversary Valk just for the colors and the Skull insignia. I would love to see the DX VF-1 Valks offered domestically but something tells me that most of the people who want those will already have them by the time that happens, if it does.

    Oh well. As long as the ball is rolling for Macross toys here in the U.S., I'm happy. Gosh, it's been an incredibly long time coming.

  4. 6 minutes ago, pengbuzz said:

    So would I, but the costs would probably prohibit me from ever getting one. So, the one I posted is a rebuild of the chunky 1/3000 Matchbox/ Takatoku toy.


    Eh, I dunno if I would expect it to be even close to decent scale. Just something under five hundred bucks preferably. Reasonable size, transforms, TV accurate deco. I'd be happy.

  5. 31 minutes ago, pengbuzz said:

    So you already have Kakizaki's VF-1A then?

    Nah, I'm gonna keep it to TV Valks only, to minimize the impact on my finances.  I'll be happy with the three main aces of SDFM and the training Valk seen in the opening episodes. Gosh, even just four of these things is already over a grand. I can't afford this stuff, but I buy it anyway. I'm definitely not in the high rollers club here, heh. I do enjoy the pics, though.

    Pic credit goes to Saburo. Thanks!


  6. On 4/26/2020 at 1:42 PM, jvmacross said:


    I'll raise you a Henkei...anyone of them.....you pick!


    ....but at least it tranforms you say?  They sure do...into this...



    ....actually, never mind.....they're awesome! :wub:


    I have to admit: I really loved these awful bootleg-level Valkyrie toys. As a young child they were my first Macross toys. I wanted the real deal 1/55 Takatoku VF-1S of course, which wouldn't be in my grubby little hands until years later. But until then, these craptastic dollar store VF-1 figures were as awesome as my imagination could make them. That being said, my imagination had to work some killer overtime.

  7. 26 minutes ago, pengbuzz said:


    BTW: nice Ultimate Warrior Avatar! :D

    Thanks! To keep this on-topic, thanks to yman1437, I now have Max's TV VF-1A. He joins Focker's TV VF-1S. Just need Hikaru's VF-1J and that'll be it for me. Well, I do kinda want the VF-1D. So my humble collection of DX Valkyries will be just those four, but I'll be very pleased to finally have them on my shelf.

  8. Still waiting for TV VF-1S Roy, TV Max and TV Kakizaki VF-1As and.. the last two Destroids. Figuarts has a prime opportunity to make Zentran/Meltran soldiers to go against the Valks, too.

    An SOC TV SDF-1 would be fantastic.

  9. I gave up collecting Masterpiece Transformers when they shifted to the full toon design aesthetic. I didn't want a shelf full of mismatched figures and they were becoming more and more expensive. My breaking point was when I realized that I wasn't enjoying them because I was worried about breaking a very expensive toy because of whatever issues it may have had, or having to set aside a half an hour to transform them because of how over-engineered they'd become. I was in denial for a while since I was pretty well invested in the line, but I just wasn't having fun. They're great display pieces, but not really fun to handle.

    I've since switched over to main line Transformers figures. Between Siege, Earthrise, Kingdom and Studio Series 86 I'll soon have the collection I'd been trying to build with Masterpiece figures. I can forgive a lot more at mass retail price points. So far, so good.

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