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  1. Well I got some decent news today.  I've had quite a few packages at CDJapan waiting to ship via registered SAL, and since maybe CDJapan is getting tired of holding onto my items they are shipping them Non-registered air mail free of charge as it is the only shipping option to the U.S. 

  2. 15 hours ago, mamboeidos said:

    manage to order the red frame kai at PO price at amazon around 27k yen after shipping lucky me. Did they release more stocks or am i lucky?

    Bandai had released this I think 2 years ago as a web exclusive.  Most people that wanted it got it then.  Plus Bandai pulled a Malibu Stacy by only changing up the mounting point to make it compatible with the Strike Gundam and its Striker packs.   This is probably the only Gundam Metal Build that may shelf warm for a while. 

    3 hours ago, F360 said:

    The us p-bandai store finally posted a preorder for  gundam figure instead of just model kits.   maybe it's a sign.


    not sure if these up coming p-bandai gundam stuff would be on https://www.bluefinbrands.com/ either. since we wont know under later on:unsure:


    After looking at the prices on the USA PBandai stuff and comparing it to NY it looks like USAPbandai and NY prices are pretty close.  So it looks like USA PBandai adds a little to the top, as they are not 100% Bandai because of the Bluefin distribution thing.  

    Since the Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise is a MB I've been wanting for a while I just took one of the AE order for it and the Launcher pack.  Buying early and paying probably $20-40 more for peace of mind.  Here's hoping that USAPBandai/Bluefin streamline whatever they are doing so that it benefits us the consumers at least just a lil bit. 

    Plus I emailed Bluefin today with two questions,  They answered one, and completely ignored my question regarding the Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise. 


  3. 8 hours ago, Paco Grande said:

    NY allegedly just shipped my strike pack as well with EMS. I’m confused because I thought EMS was shut down. We shall see what happens I guess. 

    And I’m also shocked they shipped this quickly. I was expecting to wait for weeks. 

    Depends on where your at, but it may sit at the airport for a while waiting for a flight out. 

    I ordered something from Manda on 3/28, and it finally arrived at LAX on 4/24 via EMS.  

  4. 42 minutes ago, Kuma Style said:

    Yea that's why I said I think this new Aile may have new have differences and that I think the buster will disconnect from that arm to go over the shoulder. Could be wishful thinking but I can't think of any other reason they'd release the Aile pack for a third time now.

    I hope your right, but I just can't see it. 

    Also this is the first time they are releasing the Aile pack as a stand alone product.  The only other time the Aile pack was released was with the first Metal Build Strike Gundam release.  You might be confusing the Astray Flight unit for the Aile pack which looks very similar and practically has the same color scheme. 

    30 minutes ago, carlsylar said:

    It‘s a stand


    DAMMIT! I was going to skip all the individual pack releases and wait for hopefully a Perfect, Otoori, and IWSP pack, but now I need to buy them all, so that I can display one of my Strikes like this.  DAM Bandai loves making people broke. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, Kuma Style said:

    Oh, like a hangar. I understand. What I was saying was that the new pack seems like it will have differences on it to connect the parts to form perfect strike if that makes sense.  I think the green armament with the gattling gun comes off of that arm and can be placed directly on his shoulder as well and that's likely why the silver pieces on Strike's shoulder flip up. 

    I'm pretty excited to see a full reveal, and with that, I have no idea of why they're piece-mealing it like this.

    Bandai is releasing the striker packs one at a time for maximum wallet drainage.  Plus in the anime all the striker packs had their very own intro ep.  

    The perfect strike didn't show up until Seed Remaster, it wasn't part of the original show. 

    My guess is that aile, buster, and sword packs won't link together since on the buster it looks like they are connected on by a backpack, and the aile pack don't have a place to link the sword and buster.  I'm hoping I'm wrong and that your theory is right though,   We will probably find out when full pictures come when the preorder listing shows the back. 

    But I really expect Bandai to release a Perfect Strike after the Sword pack is released, but as a bundle with the Perfect pack and Strike Gundam bundled.  The Perfect has 3 extra energy fillers attached to the aile pack which none of these individual pack releases will have.  Plus it lets Bandai take more of our money and milk their molds. 

  6. Dam Bandai is destroying my Wallet for July/August shipping month. 

    31E, SOC Voltron, GFF Zaku, GFF RX-78-2, and not 31S armored parts. 

    Makes me worry about what else is coming out in July 2019. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Mechamaniac said:

    That jacket is what we used to refer to in the military as a "BCG" Birth Control Jacket.  Meaning that there is no way you will EVER kiss a girl while wearing it.  That said, it's on par price wise with some of the Gundam clothing they have at the Gundam Base in Tokyo.  $300 plus for a red flight jacket with  a Zeon patch on it etc.

    lol you mean Birth Control Glasses 

  8. It doesn't look like the armor replaces the forward canards on the cockpit area.  I think its just that the picture is really scrambled up because of resolution.

    Also the second hand 31S's are starting to move due to the announcement of the Armor parts coming.  Only one left on Manda when they had 6 a week ago. 

  9. 6 hours ago, Kuma Style said:

    Thanks! It's going to be a while,  man. knocking iut this whole "vanilla" gallery and then hoping to do the super parts after.

    How do you even watch out for that? My stuff is displayed in cases and the lights in then are switch activated and LEDs.

    By keeping an eye on your 25F and how it reacts to temperature and direct sunlight.  When most people reported the issue I think it occurred during higher temps and being exposed to sunlight. 

  10. 41 minutes ago, mechaninac said:

    Wow, what a s**t-show with HLJ; makes me almost glad I missed them all in the first hour and was eventually "forced" to pay upfront at Anime Export.... here's hoping they deliver, but the fact I've never heard/read anywhere that they've ever been unable to deliver makes me 99.999% confident that they will.

    AE always delivers so you good man.

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