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  1. valkyrie279

    MAX TV VF-1A

    Thanks guys. I almost feel wierd in saying that I did this whole custom in about 6 hours on a Saturday afternoon. But dont let that time period fool you. I spent months and months and made many many mistakes finding the right paints and proper teqniques to make a great custom and one that would withstand the tortures of transformation. Hey dropzone. From all the clips I studied for this custom. The tailfins were blue on the outsides only. Of course it is funny how different the valks look in different scenes Ha Ha. Glad you like it . I made a Ben as well that looked exactly like it. As far as the details. Nosecone stripe etc. I used a 1A Bandai reissue. They are by FAR the easiest to work with and to me make the best platform for a custom. Every detail you see on the valk was painted on by BANDAI. I wish I had pics of it after all the decals were applied. WOW. The only stickers I have ever owned ( and I have never seen the same quality since ) that included the nosecone stripe plus many others were from vf1x.com . They were printed on clear mylar and I have not seen them for about 4 years now. What a shame. Anyway here is a pic of it in Battroid. J
  2. valkyrie279

    MAX TV VF-1A

    Here's one I did last year. Turned out pretty good. My next one should be in 1/48 ! J
  3. I was wondering if this would be a 1A or a 1S ? Does anyone know for sure? It is only there for a few seconds anyway so a custom would probably just be a guess. I am guessing 1A Anyone?......Anyone?..... Bueller ?
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