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  1. I rather like it, weirdness and all; though I wish that had not gone through the trouble of sweeping the wingtips forward, just so it can be differentiated from the VF-27.
  2. It definitely looks like a weird Lucifer variant, but I can get behind it.
  3. Bumblebee looks like the best out of the set, it doesn't seem like a real improment to the rest. And Bulkhead 's new color is a tad disturbing.
  4. I'd buy it..if only because it looks like the best representation left. Then again, I'm probably the only idiot who thinks the HA version was a step back.
  5. I think I could really care less about the small figures that came with the ship. They seem slightly off scale, not by fault but rather that it's impractical to sculpt precisely that size of a figure. Iguess they are nifty if you like them, but I do not think I'll ever use them for display myself.
  6. They had a lot of problems unloading their exclusive (first movie) Starscream repaints.. I know of two places where they languished for a couple months in an aisle display before banishment to clearance.
  7. That blows, becuase I don't think any of the ones stocked at my local store were white. ...woman would kill me for doing it anyway..
  8. Awesome. I wonder why they have not played up that detail before.
  9. That might be one of the most enlightened things spoken here.
  10. The Tornado Pack honestly looks like a throwback to the SAP packs of the not-quite-canon Macross II. I can smell it now..the web-exclusive "Fold Edition" with the Ain Vajra figure.
  11. I'm on the fence, I haven't seen enough of the DX to tell if I like it or the model better. I do clamor for a VF-27 (my Macross collection will be mighty good enough for me with that) and February means I have enough time for my wallet to recover from Christmas and the Macross Quarter.
  12. I would worry about the mini details, I doubt we have seen production samples yet.
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