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    poo i forgot..... i was OG though =-)

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  1. God... this is awesome, i shall pick this up,
  2. I enjoyed the Heavy Gear games on the PC, i'm still waiting on a new one.
  3. i did not expect it to transform to gerwalk mode, very nice! any possibilities for a battroid mode?
  4. Any one have a picture of the macross inspired Acura Integra in white?
  5. ahhh the days of image comic books, i was a very big fan of the wildc.a.t.s. before the original team split up, spawn, wetworks, and gen 13 was very fun to read
  6. Now that game looks like fun, too bad i dont have a itouch/iphone. here is a video for you guys:
  7. bomba? when i read that to me i saw 'naked' in tagalog hahaha
  8. hehe dont know about being a new comer... however i'm just happy i got my set in the mail a couple days ago.... been waiting ever since the old schooool macross world board when i was known as SDF-hyp36r21 something or other.. :-)
  9. woot! Thank You Macross Nexus for linking me to these fine dvd's! just wanted to chime in. can't wait to watch these on my sony 60" 1080p ....
  10. hehe thats cool. i have my own personal macross fanboy plate with a twist...
  11. any more info on this? i would soooo rock this at the local auto-x
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