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  1. Has anyone realised that in episode 2 of Macross Frontier, when Alto's VF gets it's left arm blown off it magically reappears right after rescuing Ranka?
  2. I think the one thing that everyone can agree on is that Macross Frontier had a lot of very tasty VF eye-candy. It's quite obvious to see where most of the budget went considering the consistency of the characters...
  3. Thanks very much for your responses guys. Much appreciated. I just have a question about cutting the pieces off the sprue. Do you just get a modelling knife and cut it? Just two more weeks until my VF-25F reaches Australia .
  4. I'm just curious. Does anybody here have any theories on what happened to SDF-2 Megaroad-01?
  5. Hi guys. Sorry for interrupting this thread but I felt that this was a rather reasonable thread to put these questions in as making a new thread for these related questions would just be a waste of space. I'm completely new to this scale of model making and I am planning on buying the VF-25F. Prior to this I used to construct Warhammer models so all I really know is undercoat, next layer of coat, detail and decal. Just really basic stuff =S. Also, I asked around the local hobby stores on what to do about clear coating and what-not but I am still confused. Please forgive my long and newbish questions. 1) At what stage do you construct the actual model? After painting and decal? In which order does painting and decal occur? 2) What is future coating, masking, skewering parts to prime and curing? 3) Is it necessary to paint the whole model again even though the plastic colour scheme is mostly correct? If I just decal, panel line, flat coat and clear coat it shouldn't that be enough? 4) Does sanding the sprue marks and then overcoating with a clear flat coat make them disappear or less noticeable?
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