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  1. That's why the Galaxy Fleet's actions surprised me. The incident could have huge implications for the NUNG in the long run, good or bad, if they ever followed up on it.
  2. They did another season this year using the Halo 3 engine. It just finished this week.
  3. Has anyone been following this season? Hard to believe it's been going on for so long yet they managed to keep it fresh.
  4. I guess the reason why there isn't much material focusing on the integration of the Zentradi and other humanoids is because, to Kawamori and co., it doesn't matter. Aside from some bad apples on both sides, relations could be going very well with conflicts popping out less and less over the years unless done deliberately. Even at macron size, most of them are indistinguishable to humans with the only difference being big. Perhaps a few more generations and it really won't matter at all. But the uncultured rouge Zentradi fleets, if they still exist, may be a different story. I thought the lust for power in the Frontier era was strikingly different from all the rest because, from what we know so far, the leadership of an entire human fleet openly rebelled against the NUNS. Now that I think about it, the actions of the Grace and her Galaxy Fleet hive mind are oddly similar to Anti-U.N. forces of Macross Zero. Their mecha have some similarities and they both tried to use an alien artifact/species to meet their goals. Coincidence?
  5. One of the things that surprised me about Macross Frontier was how dark certain parts of humanity had become. Political backstabbing, prejudice, and corruption still exists even after the near extinction of humanity. Not sure if it can be called evil or justified to protect the species, but it's different seeing even a small part of the population making the same mistakes as our recent history. For the most part, relations with humanoids like the Zentradi are slowly progressing, with old prejudices and the occasional bout of Kamjinitis still lingering. However, with aliens like the Vajra we still have a long way to go, especially with communicating and perhaps co-existence (sorry, wasn't exactly sure what happened to them in the ending). And it doesn't help that factions are willing to enslave an entire species or driven by greed to screw things up for everyone else. So after fifty years have since the end of Space War I, how do you think we've been doing with dealing with alien species?
  6. Well, this is the Internet, it happens everywhere. Also, many of those people have no idea what they're talking about. j/k
  7. So which is worse, Macross Bread or Sanae's Bread(Clannad)?
  8. Oh ok, I thought it was something that started with the Robotech fandom. Thanks
  9. Can someone explain to me the history behind the "Macross Purist?" Is it still a derogatory label to this day?
  10. If that doesn't convince people to pick up the show, I don't know what will. Does HG like spending money rather than making it?
  11. Is it so hard for make a good adaptation of a horror manga? I wonder what the original creator thought of this garbage. Also, it's good to hear Zuey getting used to the podcast.
  12. Really? I thought they started near the same time in 2002/2003.
  13. The sad thing is I want to sell them off, but even people on ebay don't want them, before and after the economy went sour. Where the hell are the fanatics?
  14. http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkC...1208&cmd=tc He didn't sound very enthusiastic about Macross Frontier last December, but he liked the EX-Gears. Recently he mentioned it on his last show, but I haven't heard his last show because I don't really care. His style really bugs me for some reason.
  15. Agreed, years ago I bought some Robotech: From the Stars comics from Wildstrom and only read them recently. Besides expanding a scene from the series it vaguely felt like it cheap imitation of Macross Zero. Even with Roy Focker as the lead, it's so cliche and repetitive that I'd prefer the Mayan Island adventure. Being released near the same time, I hope Wildstorm didn't influence how Zero turned out (delays & unlicensed status).
  16. From the text comments: megaupload com/?d=D7BW748Z Mileage may vary with the full song.
  17. Check the user comments for the video. I think the anthem was used as BGM for Robotech after it flopped or something. BS indeed.
  18. Guess that's a good thing about the Zentradi coming when they did. That would've been embarrassing. I guessing somewhere down the road, when they get past all the stuff breaking down, it would probably look like the first mission in Homeworld or something.
  19. Was there any explanation of what the U.N. Spacy was going to do with the SDF-1 after the launching ceremony in ep.1? If the Zentradi didn't appear suddenly, would there be additional testing of it's weapons and fold drive or even plans to use it to reestablish the Mars base?
  20. I agree, that's the part of the fandom that really troubled me. It's ironic, because as well as being harsh about Macross Frontier, those two apparently hate each other as well. For the love of Robotech, go figure. I previously associated these guys with the part of the fandom that approved the pieing and other acts against Tommy Yune and the current leadership. Is that crowd actually big?
  21. I usually listen just to hear him freak out and/or embarrass himself on the Internet. IIRC, Doug slammed the first episode of Frontier because of the Messiah, the EX-Gears and because they used tanks instead of Destroids. Then, he skipped 20+ episodes and slammed a random episode because of the singing affecting the Vajra. Heck, when he did an interview with Tom Bateman he called him out when Tom said Macross Frontier was good. Oh, and now the Robotech Masters can beat the ENTIRE U.N. Spacy forces of Macross II. In fact, they would last the equivalent of 1 to 6 episodes at the most of the Southern Cross arc.
  22. Sorry if this is abrupt, just needed to get this off my chest. This is just an observation made over the past year: Some people on robotech.com and other die-hard fans felt the same way even before the series started to the very end. I dare say they wanted it to fail because it was a Macross series and not part of their universe. Treiz isn't the only one out there. There's dougbendo, who loves Robotech to the point where it has driven him insane. Guess the backlash from The Shadow Chronicles still runs deep in the fandom. If they aren't happy with the direction of their franchise, everyone else can't be either. But then, they're probably satisfied at the likely event that it will never leave Japan and screw with their nostalgia. But at this point, it's hard to see if they can do better. Call it envy perhaps? About me: I became an anime fan (probably a mecha fan too) in the mid 90s and found out about Macross in about 2000. By 2006 I got burned out with the whole genre and stopped watching anime for a while to work on RL stuff. Ironically, I got back into it after downloading, forgetting, and finally watching the Macross Frontier ep.1 Deculture edition in March. Frontier wasn't perfect, but for the first time in a while I actually cared where the plot and characters were going. I'm not one to nitpick if the show is entertaining. Also didn't know about the Robotech fandom until this year, and by now it was probably best for my sanity. Coming into it with few expectations, the unusually high expectations for the show online surprised me: -It's anime, animation flaws come with the territory. Remember the knife fight? -It was [promoted as(?)] the 25th anniversary celebration of the franchise, so expect shout-outs. At least it didn't follow Gundam's model of reinvention year after year. -And hardcore shippers...
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