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  1. runab0ut

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Ugh. Just opened mine and found the broken antenna. :/
  2. runab0ut

    Hi-Metal R

    Quick question... what stands are a perfect fit for HMRs? I probably have some action bases (dunno which type) for gunpla lying around somehere - dunno if the adapters or whatnot would fit to mount it.
  3. Try MPlayerX (http://mplayerx.org/) or download it from the app store. It plays the commie release smoothly or any hi10p stuff well. Just a short cameo of Isamu. I shouted "ISAMUUUU!!!" when we saw it. A lot of nods and homages... not a fan of the Durandal, but a good MacF movie. Ranka-focused (a bit too much for my taste). At least they gave me the answer that I wanted, but taking the other half away! :/ Cant wait to have the BD/PS3 game to my doorstep.
  4. Man, this wait for the DVD/BD release will be HARD!!! How long did it take for the first movie to its disc release?
  5. Wow, Sara Nome's power is annoyingly strong! Does Nora still have the same nuke power like in MUF? It seems, if i want to max the fast/super packs... I'll grind for those points separately in Survival mode. *** Question... resuming a game, I see this page full of ???? and written Prize Mode. Can anyone explain what's this screen about?
  6. One question guys, did they take out the burst missile action? (the one that uses the L - O buttons)
  7. Can't wait for this game to arrive on Monday! Anyway, any significant changes from MUF in terms of menus or just the same (aside from the academy of course)?
  8. Just got this game as a pick-up, anyone have menu translations? Would be deeply appreciated.
  9. Omake is extra/bonus stuff. Can't wait to get my copy... Does the LE movie the same as the DVD/BD releases?
  10. Do you guys really use the 3rd weapon mount or even try to add points to it? I just use them as a 'have nothing to do?, fire some shots with 'em and switch back the first two missiles'.
  11. Question... Frontier chronicle mission where you start with Ozma then Alto to save Luca then Quarter: Now that 2nd/4th and 5th(?) wave starred Vajra plinks away at the Quarter just like butter! Swatting them should be just like mosquitos, but noooo! Any tips?
  12. I haven't found a higher/cleaner version of the itasha noseart of Sheryl... but this figure image will do:
  13. Let's wait and see upon the release of the PSP Go. Hoping Sony would permit or provide a way to transfer UMD games to memory sticks w/o requiring re-purchasing/fees or hoops.
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