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  1. That animated gif just sold me. Watching it tomorrow.
  2. With the way the planes move in multiplayer, it'll feel right at home.
  3. The new Kenshin OVA... is a bit disappointing.
  4. The compatibility for a flightstick ought to be written within the game. If not, the game will either not recognize it or just treat it like a dualshock controller. The below Amazon review describes that little frustration. I have a link to an Amazon review of the game from a Thrustmaster owner. While the reviewer states that the Thrustmaster does work, it's... umm... funny. http://www.amazon.co...h_res_rtr_alt_1
  5. You think he seem/sound a little too evil to be someone presenting at TED... but then again, he's a Weyland...
  6. Pretty much seems that way. But it's my first foray into Persona 4 (despite having the game) and I like what I see so far. I'd say they're doing a pretty good job presenting it to keep me interested. It's also kinda neat to hear Orphen's voice after so long... Although it's not an anime, you should check out My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I just found out that it's on Netflix now.
  7. You know, even my love for Touhou is not enough to get me to love dubstep. (Maybe tolerate it... maybe) Don't mind me, just going link the same piece in a different flavor. lol.
  8. Ignore the title of the album and enjoy some free video game music. http://www.x5musicgroup.com/about/licensing/the-greatest-video-game-music/
  9. I have something beautiful to share with you all. Just a handful, http://youtu.be/aVhrYF0QvOo http://youtu.be/F8OO2Aa5izo Bah, two video limit and locked repeated posts. Dangit! I wanted to share all of these via embedding Linking will just have to do... Radical Dreamers (Quintet) Final Fantasy Suite Super Mario Galaxy - Wind Garden Silent Hill 2 - Theme of Laura (Try to ignore that tiny moment at the 2:19 mark btw.) Anyway, enjoy. I'm sure all of you will.
  10. I have my wallpapers rotating but I thought this one's neat just because of that icon being inadvertently there. and of course the image in the icon thumbnail, Oh my.
  11. I'm ashamed that I haven't even finished Persona 3 for the longest time... and I even haven't started on FES and 4 yet. Anyway, if only this was true... http://worldoftanks....11-ratte-alert/
  12. Neato, that eases my worries a bit after reading those (old) negative stories about their support. Though it would've been nice if they told me what was exactly wrong with it... That motherboard gave me the most frustrating and oddest problems I have ever dealt with...
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