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  1. My recent hunt from Japan Trip, that SDF-1 take most of my luggage space!
  2. ntsan

    Hi-Metal R

    I am definitely interested on the VF-2ss
  3. I still play the 1/55 from time to time, while other is mostly for show only and only transformed like once or twice or never. Though latest VF-31 got really good poseablility
  4. I like the white paint of Arcadia 0s, but that is out of my budget atm.
  5. Ohh looks like the VF-25G superpart I got is the revised one. It hard to know where you got the later revision or early ones. With new Macross anime coming next year I really doubt they gonna reissue any Frontier stuff, I do like the VF-25 more than VF-31 though, but toy wise VF-31 is much improved over VF-25 era
  6. Thanks for the info! Is that why vf25g fetch higher price than s and f? Cos it only 1 run off?
  7. Yeah it is, only the 1/1800 SDf-1 or the 1/20 VF-1 can match it in size, 1/60 feels cute compare to her That sdf-1 look gorgeous, much better looking than TV version, pairs well with 1/100 scale wise
  8. Putting my Alto and Michael on the shelf My Macross shelf is still WIP lol
  9. Yeah it was sealed and unopened, I guess I need to buy nail polish to get joints firmer, it mainly the joint connecting to the body that is floppy
  10. So I finally have time to open up the Michael renewal VF-25G, man its a floppy mess! (1 shoulder supper floppy, both leg semi-floppy) I don't remember my VF-25G V1 was this floppy, my Alto renewal version is solid as rock on joints, that definitely put a stop for me on getting luca or ozma renewal version consider how expensive they are to get grrrrr
  11. I did stopped collecting Macross toys when I went to Camera GAS full on, now many years later I just stopped on Camera GAS early this as I am working full-time in the industry which use cameras almost daily (company's camera), it's different when hubby become full time job, so I am now back to collect Macross toy again, for me its totally worth it! Btw my friend bought Sideshow Harley Quinn early this month and now the leg broke off, so its happens not exclusive to Macross
  12. Still work in progress, need acrylic riser to put my renewal vf-25 on top of the model kit and a fancy wallpaper
  13. ntsan

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Finally got my vf-31f! When I compare to yf-19 it is a bit smaller, but the size of pilot is like 2x smaller! Aren't they all suppose to be 1/60 scale?
  14. Well there was DX VF-171 Alto custom sold for less than 7000 yen, 1/60 SV-51 ivanov for 7800 yen, so yeah there is some good bargain there.
  15. Got Michael renewal at good price and it's from local too! So hard to find one at decent price. The other two is from Japan, ironically one of the newspaper they used for wrapping got a big ad about travel to NZ, well the ad indeed landed on NZ lol
  16. My fav are 1. VF-31, it surely nice to see bandai keep on improving, and fun to play with 2. 1/55 valks, they surely can handle roughy things better and super easy transformation 3. Vf25 renewal, cause I am such a frontier fan lol
  17. I just started using buyee and it's been addicting, stuff in yja is much cheaper than eBay. I used to use shippingmalljapan before but I kinda like this buy then you pay as I don't want to deposit money for something that I might not use for a while, as the last time I used this proxy service is few years ago
  18. 1/60 SV-51 Nora sold for $510 http://www.ebay.com/itm/182553915045?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  19. Here is the video for the whole panel https://youtu.be/YGdQrlPdUtA
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