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  1. Hi xoxokin. May I know the set you use for the ground crews? Thanks
  2. Thanks Treatment. It worked. I didn't know you have to charge it and didn't press the button long enough
  3. Hi. How do you get the wave motion gun to light up? I've tried all the buttons on the remote. Just want to know if indeed there is a defect on my SOC or I am simply doing it wrong. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Is there a difference in the Masterpiece Grimlock produced by Takara than the one produced by Hasbro for the American market? The packaging is different but is there actual difference in the toy itself? Just thinking of getting the Hasbro one for the cheaper price. Thanks. ~A~
  5. I'll probably NOT buy SS. Too much issues on QC and don't like the paint scheme.
  6. Brazil out ... Argentina out ... there goes the South American finals. England is out too. LAmpard have been firing blanks in the World Cup. None of my teams are up there so now I am neutral. Just enjoy the show.
  7. I am rooting for Argentina beating Germany ... Hoping for a South American finals
  8. Hmmmm .... not one negative review so far. I guess I'll be double dipping on this one.
  9. Just when I thought my wallet can take a breather for the GBP, then comes 2 new 1/48 from Yamato. Sigh ... time to save up again ....
  10. In terms of scale, would it be the same as the 20th Aniversary Prime?
  11. When will the SOC be out? Anyone know the expected price? Anyway, I remember watching an English dubbed version of the movie. Have this been reissued on DVDs? ~A~
  12. Cool Stuff. Not many Malaysians I see ...
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