What can I say-I've know Carl since the end of 1999. It all started when I found him a 1/48 Ultimate Strike Valkyrie. Ever since then he has been a Macross Model madman! He has the rarest collection of Macross Garage kits that I know of. He also is an enthusiastic Mospeada fan-having tracked down one of the rare Gakken Tread prototype toys. He is a completist-that is certain-if he finds one kit, the rest of the series must be found and aquired.

Carl has been a major contributor to the Models section(and a good friend) so I'm putting aside his own area here. Once things settle down a little he is going to finish sending in scans and information on the rest of his model collection that is not yet on the site. For now I'm adding his Mospeada Tread models, his Wanted List, and his current inventory of kits he owns(below)-many more are on the way from Japan! --Shawn


Tread Toy
Tread Toy
Tread Models
Wanted List



Current Model List

Studio HalfEye Kits
1. 1:100 YF-19 Perfect Variable (Macross Plus)
2. 1:75 YF-21 Perfect Variable (Macross Plus)
3. 1:100 YF-21 Perfect Variable (Macross Plus)
4. 1:100 YF-19/21 Fastpack Set (Macross Plus)
5. 1:100 VF-19 Perfect Variable (Macross 7) Fire Valkyrie with opening shoulder sound booster
6. 1:100 VF-19 Perfect Variable (Macross 7) Fire Valkyrie RedCast Version (Event only release)
7. 1:100 VF-19S Perfect Variable (Macross 7) Blazer Valkyrie Excalibur with Super Parts (Event only release)
8. 1:100 VF-22 Perfect Variable (Macross 7) Sturmvogel II
9. 1:100 VF-4G Perfect Variable (Macross Digital Mission VF-X) Lightning-III
10. 1:100 VF-5000B Perfect Variable (Macross 7) Star Mirage
11. 1:100 VF-5000B Perfect Variable (Macross 7) Star Mirage (Ver.2)
12. 1:100 VF-5000B Star Mirage Super Pack
13. 1:100 VA-3 Perfect Variable (Macross Dynamite 7) Invader
14. 1:100 Pheyos Valkyrie Perfect Variable (Macross Digital Mission VF-X) Enemy Valkyrie In The Operation Orpheus

Macross II Kits
1. 1:100 Bandai VF-2SS Valkyrie II (0036371-2000) Transformable
2. 1:100 B-Club Grade-Up kit for the Bandai VF-2SS (486-3800)
3. 1:100 B-Club Grade-Up kit for the Bandai VF-2SS (493-3800)
4. 1:100 B-Club VF-2JA Fighter (472-6300)
5. 1:100 B-Club VF-2JA Battroid (466-5800)
6. 1:100 B-Club Metal Siren Battroid (1505-7900)
7. 1:100 B-Club Gigamesh (492-8900)
8. 1:144 AlucarD VF-XS Valkyrie-II Battroid
9. 1:100 Retppu Valkyrie II Battroid (34-7800)
10. 1:72 Musasiya Armored VF-2 Fighter

Other Musasiya kits
1. 1:72 VF-4 (Flash Back 2012)

Other Hobby Base Retppu Resin kits
1. 1:72 VF-11 Thunder Bolt Super Battroid (54-14800)

1:48 Scale kits
1. Club-M VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Ultimate Detail Fighter
2. Club-M YF-19 Fighter (Macross Plus) Event only release
3. Club-M VF-22S Fighter (Macross 7) Event only release

I.H.P. Kits (All event only releases)
1. 1:100 YF-19-2 'Alpha-One' Variable
2. 1:100 YF-21-2 'Omega-One' Variable

1. 1:100 YF-19 Battroid (Limited Edition) with "Fast Pack"
2. 1:100 YF-21 Battroid (Limited Edition) with "Fast Pack"
3. 1:100 Elgerzorene FZ-109F Battroid

Other Club-M/Hobby Base Yellow Submarine kits
1. 1:72 VE-1 Outer Space Scouting Valkyrie Fighter
2. 1:72 VT-1 Training Valkyrie Fighter
3. 1:72 VF-11B Thunderbolt Fighter (Macross Plus) [Club-M only]
4. 1:72 YF-19 Fighter (Macross Plus) [Club-M only]
5. 1:72 YF-21 Fighter (Macross Plus) [Club-M only]
6. 1:100 VF-1J Armored Battroid [Hobby Base Yellow Submarine only]
7. 1:100 VF-1(S/A) Full Transform [Hobby Base Yellow Submarine only]
8. 1:144 HWR (Heavy Weight Robot) 00-MK.II Destroid Monster

3 Bad Men in a Hidden Fortress (yes thats the name of their GK company!) kits
1. 1:72 Full-Action Resin Cast Kit VF-1S -Battroid Mode
2. 1:72 Full-Action Resin Cast Kit VF-1A & VF-1J -Battroid Mode

Other Grade-Up kits (and the kits they Grade-Up)
1. 1:72 Karakorum Macross Robotech DYRL 1/72 Variable Valkyrie [a group Super or Heavy Weapon Type Resin Conversion Kit in the For use with Imai or Bandai 1/72 Variable U.S.A. ] Valkyrie model kits
2. 1:72 Dolly's- Virtually the same kit as above independently Doll(s) created by a group in Japan
3. 1:144 Bandai VF-11C Battroid Mode & Fighter Mode (No.2)
4. 1:144 TECT Custom Parts for Plastic Model Series No. 3 Booster System & Gun Pod VF-11B (For Bandai's kit No. 2 above)
5. 1:144 TECT Custom Parts for Plastic Model Series No. 4 Full Armored VF-11C (For Bandai's kit No. 2 above)