They never came to be...


1990 Bandai 1/55 VF-1A & VF-1J Heads
Bandai was at least considering making all 3 versions of the 1/55 Valkyrie when they did the 1990 re-tooling. As you can see these were also new interpretations of the old Takatoku head designs.
1982 Arii Zentradi Large missile and One-Man Zentradi Fighter pod models
Its a shame they didn't come through on the Zentradi One-Man fighter pods, but the Large missile? Where did that come from?
1985 Advanced Valkyrie Series
Read more details about this series of models that never made it into production.
1997 Club-M 1/48 VF-1J Armored Battroid
Unfortunately Club-M ran into some financial difficulty before they were able to release this model. Would it have been an Ultimate Detail version?!
1984 Imai 1/72 VT-1
Imai did make a prototype VT-1 model based on the 1984 Macross movie. They too experienced financial difficulty and this was never produced.
Micro-Macross VF-11C and VZ-109A
The Micro Macross production expired before we saw the last 2 in the series.
1983 Nichimo Series
Nichimos 1/200 series initially had some diifferent models planned that what made it into production. The following kits were replaced with Max/Milia and Fast Pack variations.
#26 Armored Battroid VF-1D
#27 Milia's Queadluun Rau
#28 Nousjadeul Ger
#29 Destroid Phalanx
#30 Destroid Monster @1/400!
1999 Macross VFX-2 Export Edition
In 1999 Bandai Visual was going to release a special version of the VFX-2 game in the USA. This new version would have modified displays, english language game dialogue and a special aircraft -the VF-5000. Still don't know the 'official' reason why it was never finished.
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1997 Arii 1/6 PCV figures
Arii released 6 figures(not including color variations) that we've been able to document. There are at least another 6 that we consider unreleased(if you have one please let us know!!). They were also going to release 1/20 Battroids as well, but these never made it into production(although they did make a 1/24 fighter)

We wish they would have at least tried...

1982 1/72 Arii Phalanx
Most everyone interested in Macross modeling at one point in their collecting asks 'Why wasn't there a 1/72 Phalanx?" Well we don't know either! Following the estabished patterns shared between Imai and Arii(each producing a model in a different scale) the responsibility would have fallen on Arii.
1983 1/55 Takatoku VF-1D
Do I need to say anything more?
1982 Imai 1/72 Valkyrie Fighter mode
It always struck me as odd that there has never been an affordable 1/72 Injection molded valkyrie mode considering it's central role in the show. Imai made a Gerwalk, Battroid, 3-mode variable, and even one with Fast Packs, but never just a dedicated 1/72 fighter. Thank goodness Hasegawa has stepped up to the plate!!

If Macross fans were in charge of production...

VF-1 Valkyrie Simulation arcade game
Run down to your nearset arcade and jump in the seat. Of course you could line up multiple consoles next to each other and have squadron battles
Club-M 1/1000 Macross model
Transformable Ultimate Detail Macross model. Fiber Optic lighting, removable leg sections(so you could see the city life inside), opening Prometheus and Daedelus with little valkyries and Destroids, optional electronics package that can discharge a burst of energy from the main guns and shock the cat(the dog is still running away from the motorized SDF-1).
Janes Starship Guide:SDF-1 Macross for Windows 2000
Walk around a virtual Macross. Test out the main guns, practice docking with Armd-1 and 2, play in Gojira-mode as you walk around in Storm Attacker configuration and destroy major metropolitan areas.

Credit to Jeffrey T. Jhee for these hilarious contributions below!!

Milia Sing-A-Long doll
Milia belts out the classic ballads. Comes with earplugs.
Listen to a bunch of nihilistic remarks as you try to squeeze him. Best quote: "Protoculture!!!!"
Stalking Vending Machines
If they detect you, they'll track you like wounded prey until you buy 56 cans of Petite Cola.
Garbage Pail Macross
Collect trading cards of your favorite Macross characters, such as Hacked up Hikaru, Mutilated Minmay, and Radioactive Decayed Misa. Don't forget the gold foiled Shoji Calamari.
Zentradi Tomogatchi
Raise your clone from its colony, then hope it doesn't get killed by Micrones, Culture Shock, or Quamzin.