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Toy's R Us Special Edition 10/12/01

Well, Toys R Us Japan beat us to the punch :(

What was supposed to happen was that both Macrossworld and Tomos's Valkyrie Scramble site were to announce the news of this toy on October 15th. Oh well, as they say "the best laid plans of mice and men".

Anyway, I'm sure you all want to know what's the story behind this toy.

Well, basically a few months ago, Toys R Us Japan contacted Yamato to request a special version Macross toy to release as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations. What Yamato came up with for TRU Japan was the cannon-fodder brown VF-1A.

This toy is what Yamato are calling an "Advanced Sales Item". Basically, what this means is that the toy is getting an exclusive release first by TRU Japan for their 10th Anniversary.

However, don't despair of not finding one of these toys as later the Yamato plans a second release to be sold to other toy stores. However, from what I have heard it is looking likely that when the toy does get it's second release, it will be as a FAST pack version.

Anyway, apart from the color scheme and box art, the toy is identical in function to the Hikaru version VF-1A and comes with the same sticker sheet and instruction manual. The toy also comes with 4 x UMM-7 micro-missile pods and 4 x AMM-1 triple missile clusters.

I apologies for the poor quality photos, but I was somewhat rushed and did not have time to set up proper lighting.

The TRU Japan brown VF-1A is scheduled for release in TRU Japan branches on November 1st 2001.