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Part 3 of a 3 part series


Here in photo form is the guide for transforming the Yamato VF-1A from fighter mode to battroid mode.


When I have time, Iíll work on the fighter to Gerwalk transformation and battroid to fighter mode transformation sequences.


Transforming the Yamato VF-1A is only a little bit more difficult that the classic 1/55 scale toys, but there are a few more steps you need to follow. Anyway, just follow the instructions on the photo guide and you will be fine.


You may notice that the order in which I transform the toy is a little bit different to how it shows in the Yamato instruction manual. To be honest, much of the transformation really doesnít need to follow a firm order. For example, it doesnít really matter when you fold the backpack or extend the hands. However, to ensure a smooth and easy transformation there are two areas where it is important that you transform the toy in the correct sequence and these are: -


1.   The removal & attachment of the legs in fighter mode.

2.   The locking together of the torso in battroid mode.


Nothing will break if you try to transform the above-mentioned two areas in the wrong way, just you will find transformation much more difficult.


However, one area where you need to take extreme care is when disconnecting the chestplate from the nose section. This is the one area of the toywhere breakage could result if you do not transform it correctly. Remember, ALWAYS PUSHDOWN ON THE CHEST PLATE when connecting & disconnecting the chestplate to the fighter nose and your toy will be fine.


By the way, in case you are all wondering, that is my wife Amy, in many of the photos (I was behind the camera).




Write Ups and Guides