Arii : 1/100 P.V.C. Action Figures
Manufactured : 1998 Original Yen Price: 1980 to 2600
MW's Current Collectibility Rating: Easy
MW's Max price we'd pay: $15-$20 each
Description :

Arii created 12 semi-poseable P.V.C. action figures of their 1/100 plastic model kits. They are all pre-assembled and painted. Some minor changes are evident when the valkyrie went from model to toy form, but nothing major. Unfortunately they did not improve their "big hands" problem (they hands look like they are at a 1/72 scale). Each valkyrie comes with a photo card in a plastic frame.

Here are the valkyrie numbers:
1) Standard Battroid Hikaru Type VF-1J
2) Strike Battroid Focker Type VF-1S
3) Standard Battroid Trainer Type VF-1D
4) Super Battroid Kakizaki Type VF-1A
5) Strike Battroid Max Type VF-1A
6) Super Battroid Milia Type VF-1J
7) Super Gerwalk Hikaru Type VF-1J
8) Standard Gerwalk Focker Type VF-1S
9) Super Gerwalk Trainer Type VF-1D
10) Standard Gerwalk Kakizaki Type VF-1A
11) Strike Gerwalk Max Type VF-1A
12) Super Gerwalk Milia Type VF-1J

thm_ariibat_maxmiliaf.jpg thm_ariibat_jab.jpg thm_ariibat_jaf.jpg thm_ariibat_maxmiliab.jpg thm_ariibat_maxmiliaf.jpg thm_ariibat_sdb.jpg thm_ariibat_sdf.jpg
thm_ariivf-1dgerwalk.jpgthm_ariivf-1agerwalk.jpg thm_ariivf-1jhikarugerwalkbroken.jpgthm_ariivf-1jmaxgerwalk.jpgthm_ariivf-1jmiliagerwalk.jpgthm_ariivf-1sgerwalk.jpg
thm_ariicardsb.jpg thm_ariiblisterf.jpgthm_ariicardsf.jpg thm_ariiblisterb.jpg thm_ariicat.jpg


MW's Collectibility Rating
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You are more than welcome to disagree with them.

EASY : These items are consistently on auction sites or at local anime shops at very good prices
FAIR : These items appear frequently on auction sites or at local anime shops at relatively good prices
DIFFICULT : These items rarely appear on auction sites or at local anime shops at good prices
VERY DIFFICULT : Pop up every few months. Depending on demand can far exceed expected value. Usually hard-core collectors battle it out over weird stuff like this
BEND OVER : When these appear(sometimes frequently like the 1/55 valkyries) on auction sites or at anime shops be prepared to take out a small loan