Toycom / Yamato : 1/72 YF-19 Alpha One
Manufactured : 2000 Original Yen Price: 6800
MW's Current Collectibility Rating: Fair to Very Difficult
MW's Max price we'd pay: $70-120
Description :

YF-19 Alpha One flown by Isamu in the Macross Plus OVA Series
1 Gunpod
1 Shield
Instructions and Decals(not cut in version 1, pre-cut in version 2)

There are (as of January 2001) at least 3 variations of this toy. Yamato is proving they are listening to fan feedback and constantly improving the toy.

Very Difficult: Version 1.0
This is the infamous 'Tab B' version. The cover behind the cockpit had a small tab that locks the front fuselage into position in fighter mode. The tab might have been sufficient when the toys were being developed, but the quality control in the first run was not the best. Variances in body alignment led many to break this tab when transforming to fighter. Yamato offers free replacement parts(unfortunately only for Japan). There are also reports of missing parts(shields, guns) in some of the boxes. As these are the first toys released, and with the probability of some being broken or incomplete, collectors are holding on to these first issues.

Very Difficult: Version 1.5
99% of these had all the same fixes as you see below for version 2. The only difference we see is that some have the new tab B, but with metal shoulders, or they came with the version 1 uncut yellow sticker sheet instead of the version 2 white pre-cut. These can also be partially identified by not having the 'version 2' sticker on the front of the box. While Yamato officially refers to this as 'version 2' I are making an exception, because these rare hybrids do exist.

Fair: Version 2.0
This is the current release. Graham's Newsletter #24 lists the differences between Version 1.0 and 2.0-check it out for the extensive changes.

These pictures below are an early prototype (I wonder where this is now-can I buy it PLEASE?!)

You can see much more development in this version

Here is Final Version 1.0
thm_yamatoyf19_boxf.jpg thm_yamatoyf19_boxb.jpg thm_yamatoyf19_decal.jpg thm_yamatoyf19_mpgead.jpg thm_yamatoyf19_dvdad.jpg

thm_yamatoyf19_if.jpg thm_yamatoyf19_i1.jpg thm_yamatoyf19_i2.jpg thm_yamatoyf19_ib.jpg


Click here for an excellent guide (in English too!) from the "Valkyries On Tatami" homepage

Here is Graham's Transformation Warning!
I highly recommend you read this before transforming your YF-19 version 1.0 for the first time.


When you receive your version #1 YF-19 toy, there are a few points you need to be careful of when transforming it:

1) Do not force the gun pod into the optional hand (the one with the extended trigger finger). If you do, you will find it nearly impossible to remove the gun pod without breaking the hand. Just take a small round needle file and carefully enlarge the hole in the hand until the gun pod slides in and out easily.

thm_incaseoftabbreakage.jpg Click on picture to the left if you break the tab...I did!! Arghhh!! Tab B burn in hell!

2) Be careful of the small plastic tab on the folding part of the fuselage (see ABOVE picture for explanation). If this tab breaks, you will end up with a gap between the forward fuselage and the folding part "B" section. Also, the forward fuselage will sit slightly lower that it is supposed to. If however you do break the tab, the gap can be minimised by filing about 1mm to 2mm from the two internal cross supports in the "B" part (these supports are not shown in the attached picture but you can see what I mean once you have the toy.)

3) The lower slots in the left and right sides of the torso that the wings lock into in GERWALK mode will probably be too small to accept the wing tabs (see ABOVE picture for further details). If you try to force the wing tabs into the slots you will just end up rubbing paint off the die-cast wing tabs. Carefully file these slots with a flat needle file until they are large enough to accept the wing tabs. The slots are in a plastic part of the chest so they are easy to file. Be careful to file just enough so that the wing tabs fit firmly. Do not over-file as you do not want a loose fit!


MW's Collectibility Rating
These are Graham and my personal evaluations of the item's collectibility and availability. By no means should they be considered as 'Officially Researched' data.
You are more than welcome to disagree with them.

EASY : These items are consistently on auction sites or at local anime shops at very good prices
FAIR : These items appear frequently on auction sites or at local anime shops at relatively good prices
DIFFICULT : These items rarely appear on auction sites or at local anime shops at good prices
VERY DIFFICULT : Pop up every few months. Depending on demand can far exceed expected value. Usually hard-core collectors battle it out over weird stuff like this
BEND OVER : When these appear(sometimes frequently like the 1/55 valkyries) on auction sites or at anime shops be prepared to take out a small loan