My Submission Template and Instructions!
By Shawn Klueck (

Here is the basic Template to use. Download the files HERE(winzip).

Background is #336699 (medium dark blue)
Text is #FFFFFF (white)
All links are #FFFF00 (yellow)
Text is Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, -1 size

The Top Submissions Skull .GIF logo should remain stationary, with no links. The location of the logo is in the same directory as the review will be placed.
The "Return to Main Menu" .GIF logo should always link to "_submissions_main.htm". The location of the logo, and HTML page is in the same directory as the review will be placed.

All picture names must be lowercase, with no spaces in them. If you need a space, use an "_" character.
This means "shawns_valk.gif" is ok. "Shawns valk.GIF" or "Shawns_Valk.gif" are not ok.
Please remember thumbnail links are preferred to embedding a large picture. Our recommended thumbnail size is 100 pixels either Horizontally or Vertically, depending on orientation.

HTML file names must be all lowercase, and contain no spaces. HTM or HTML extension is acceptable.

Please add a title, your name, email(optional of course), and the date of your submission. We are looking for quality topics such as Conversion how to's, Toy/Model/Book/Video/Music reviews, Art how to's...basically everything that is interesting! Graham and I have been quite busy lately, so we are looking to you for helping make the site grow! Now get off your bumm and write up that review of the Hasegawa 1/72 you just got, or how to make a CG valkyrie!

If it is a small file(under 1MB with pictures), just email it to me at
If it is a large review, please email me first and I will have you FTP it to the site